Friday, September 19, 2008

Sweet Friday :) Sept 19 2008

Don't you love them? Even though i have been the sissy housewife for awhile now Fridays still seem so nice :)

i got up just before Mistress came home for Her morning break from work at 8:00 am. She was in great spirits. Mistress told me to get Her some cereal and orange juice and i served them to Her on my knees. Mistress said She got some emails from some of the new subs. i asked about some of them and She told me that they were real men who can do the job of real men. Not like a sissy girl. i said "yes Domina". She left for work a bit later.

W/we have been having trouble with the computers doing remote printer that's shared on my computer. i tried all sorts of things trying to get it to work including un-installing and reinstalling the Internet security, configuring, reinstalling printer drivers etc. my computer has been so slow shutting down and booting i'm thinking of reinstalling Windows. W/we'll see.

i took a shower and exfoliated my legs and everything. i shaved my legs, sissy cock and balls, under arms and my face. i put on my eyeliner and mascara and wore a pretty new periwinkle cami with girls shorts and black strappy flats. i put on my face powder and pink lipstick. Mistress took Her nap. i left and went to Sams club to do some shopping and came home.

leopet took the boy to karate and then a new sub i will call j arrived with a bottle of wine. i showed greeted him and took him to Mistress. Mistress and he talked for awhile and then went to the playroom. A few minutes later Mistress told me to bring up Her laptop for some music and i brought it to Her. i went back to the my computer and Mistress yelled down for a glass of wine. i brought it up to Her and found the sub naked and Mistress and he kissing. i stood there feeling my sissy cock grow a bit. Mistress asked if that's how i bring it to Her. i fell to my knees and presented the wine to Her. i then stood up, curtsied and left.

Later Mistress was down on the deck working with some jewelry. She said She had some surprises for me. One was a pink tinkerbell charm She got for my ankle bracelet. swooon! Another is a pink charm for my keychain. She said She has another one that She will give me Sunday. i sooo love Her!

Awhile later leopet and the boy returned and W/we had dinner. Mistress and the sub and leopet were down on the deck talking. i joined them. Mistress was discussing his likes/dislikes sheet. After about an hour the sub left.

W/we then enjoyed the new episode of Stargate Atlantis.

Mistress then went to sleep.


Anonymous said...

Yes,, jamie is the sissy housewife... I can't help but notice that you seem more and more like a gurl and less and less like a male. In the past year, you have changed so much and for the better. Mistress has made you into a gurl - a gurl that loves to watch... Her consistent reinforcement of your true gender has had the desired effect - you really are a housewife now, jamie. A sissy cucky housewife with no desire except to be kept chaste and femmed further...

Miss D

Anonymous said...

Have you been given the opportunity to please a handsome masculine man as a beautiful feminine sissy ladyboy does? Kissing and hugging with a man, sucking his virile masculine cock with your lipsticked lips, having him push up your skirt, pull down your panties and fuck your back pussy? That is a natural thing for you to do as you transition from male to female and become more feminine and more of a woman and more ladylike.

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D!

awww Thank You! i feel that i am how i am supposed to be. Domina's girl. It is so good to stop pretending to be what i'm not, a male. As Domina says "you are much better as a girl than a guy". Both of U/us consider me Her housewife and She reminds me that i am a cuckold sissy from time to time. It is so much better keeping me chaste and learning to be more and more female!
sissy girl

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi anonymous, Thank you for your comment! Actually just with subs Mistress has had over to play with. i've kissed real men, sucked their cock, etc. Thank you, its so good to be more and more femmed.

sissy girl