Saturday, September 6, 2008


Yesterday afternoon i left with Mistress's boy to take him out to eat, karate and then to drop him off with his grandma's. Just as we were leaving Domina's new sub arrived. i showed him into the living room and then left.

i dropped him off and then proceeded to Target to get some meds. i wasn't wearing much makeup apart from my face powder and Shimmering lip balm. i had on my new Female denim shirt with pretty autumn leaves on it over my cami, girls shorts and my Female sandals. Of course i had my purse with me :)

i had talked to Domina earlier on the cell. She told me to make the stop at Target and come on home. i arrived home and opened the garage door and then the inner door. What a site! There was Mistress and leopet naked and fucking. She was riding him and having a great time! i announced, "Your sissy cuckold is home" teehee. She told me i was over dressed and to strip down to my panties and bra. So i did. She told me to watch and i did. It was pretty hot and excited. They played for awhile and then we watched some Stargate Atlantis. Afterwards Domina told me to follow Her to Her bedroom. While She sat on the commode She played with my sissy cock and telling me how hard it was and asking it if it was excited watching Her and leopet. She asked if i could last 10 seconds. i told Her i didn't know. She slapped underneath my sissy balls and told me how worthless it was, how it should be a pussy. i was pretty excited.

Mistress then told me to crawl out of there. She wanted to read. i went downstairs and did the computer thing.

What a beginning of the weekend! W/we were supposed to play with a sub at 10am this morning but everyone was having trouble waking up so that's been postponed. Mistress said W/we are going out shopping later today. im wearing all girls clothes with my tits :) yaaaay!

Love weekends!

sissy girl


Anonymous said...

jamie is a watcher... It excites her. Mistress likes to keep you that way. Excited and watching. It's what you are good at. So good at... being pretty and watching!

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D:)
oh yes she is. It is so exciting to me. Yes Ma'am :)
aww thank You!


sissy girl