Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nice Wednesday :) Sept 10 2008

Today was a nice day. i woke up when Mistress woke up this morning at 3:30am and found that i couldn't go back to sleep plus my legs were itching some so i took a Benadryl, had some coffee and stayed on the computer til about 5:30. By then i was sooo tired so i went back to bed. Mistress came and went at 8:00 for Her break then i woke up at about 9:30am.

A couple weeks ago Mistress's laptop broke when a portion of Her shirt got wedged between the monitor and the base. From what i could see part of the frame snapped. Although i woke on computers a lot i didn't feel too comfortable working on this problem on Her laptop. i looked up the part and found that the manufacture charges $57.95 for it so i thought i'd try it. i ordered it and it came today. i went right to work and yaaaay its all fixed!

Mistress wanted me to get more text messaging from Sprint. i called them and found that we could get a better plan that gave us unlimited (up from 300 shared) plus more talk time and data. Mistress came home while i was talking to the customer service so when i got off the phone i explained the new services. Mistress then wanted to know why Her laptop was downstairs. i kinda lied a little by telling Her that i thought She wanted it downstairs since She usually tells me to bring it down there. i brought it to Her and She saw that i had fixed it. She was sooo happy! i felt so good pleasing Her :)

i then went and took my shower and got all pretty. i fashioned my hair in a feminine style using the round brush and hair dryer. i put on my pink Old Navy tank top and wore my feminine hip jeans. Mistress told me not to wear my tits. i put on my face powder and pink lipstick. btw i painted all my nails with a silvery pink polish the night before. i left to go to the bank then to Super Walmart where i picked up bathroom stuff as well as a couple pizzas for dinner. i then went to the car dealership to get a key made and came home.

W/we had dinner and watched Mad Men on the tv. Mistress and i talked later about the 24/7 lifestyles, Femdom lifestyles, etc. Tomorrow W/we are going together to meet another t-girl who lives as a female 24/7. It should be a great time.

sissy girl


Anonymous said...

What a good gurl jamie is to fix Mistress's laptop for her. It seems jamie is a very handy gurl when she applies herself.

Do tell us about your new meeting - this could be quite interesting - a full time tgirl meets a Mistress and her nearly full time sissy cucky... Could be very fun!

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D :) Thank You i am glad that i was able to fix it for Her :)

teeehee ok Ma'am, in my next post. It was a good time and W/we are going to be seeing her and her mentor tomorrow :)