Thursday, October 2, 2008


Monday a bi-male friend of Domina's came over to do the photoshoot he has been wanting to do for some time. He is really turned on my t-girls and he really liked me.

Domina came home early from work since She had a doctor's appointment early that afternoon and She went to bed. She didn't want to be disturbed and i thought about cancelling the photoshoot but She told me not to. She wanted pictures. She also told the guy that there wouldn't be anything but the photoshoot.

He came over at about 10am and i had just got out of the shower. i put on a robe and went downstairs and let him in and showed him to the living room. i went back upstairs and finished putting on my makeup and put on a pink cheerleading uniform and proceeded downstairs. we went outside to the back yard and i realized i forgot my bra with forms so i went upstairs and put it on and went back outside. He took a few shots and then i went back upstairs and changed. We were back in the living room and he took more shots. i changed again in different outfits. i put on my new fetish french maids uniform and he took more pics. i then put on my black and pink striped cami with red lacey panties and was really feeling slutty. The poses were getting more and more suggestive and while he was kneeling down said he just had to do this and took my clitty in his mouth and started sucking. It was feeling so good and i was feeling slutty and oh so girly. He looked up and said that was the first time he had done that and did some more. He asked if i would cum in his mouth and i said i couldn't do that. i went upstairs and changed again and told Domina about what had happened. She was turned on and asked if i wanted to cum and i said no. She said, "Good girl".

i went back downstairs in a lingerie outfit and there were more pics. Back and forth with different outfits and also with a long dress.

Finally i put on an outfit i wore to a bi-group meeting a few weeks ago and took shots out on the deck. He gave me his storage card and i downloaded the pics to my drive while he was kneeling by my desk sucking me some more. i never did cum. Its hard to want to because i lose a lot of my docile nature and femmed nature when i do.

He got up to go and was looking at me funny and kissed me. Then he kissed me deep. What a wild morning! Mistress was very pleased :)

sissy girl


Miss Honey said...

It is wonderful that you know your nature and want to be the best sissy you can be for your Mistress. Very sexy that he just sucked but you were a good girl and didn't cum.

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss Honey!

Thank You for Your comments. i so love being my Mistress's sissy girl. i thought it was quite sexy and it helped make me feel more girly. i love it! i am glad i didn't cum either :)

Anonymous said...

sissy jamie,
you are such a sweet sissy faggot and are soooooooo feminine looking.
keep being a good sissy.

sissy slave jamie said...

aww thank you sissyfagdaphne!


Anonymous said...

Isn't jamie pretty? Mistress has done such a good job of turning her useless hubby into a pretty sissy cucky gurl... Jamie is a very good gurl to not have her cimmies without permission - besides, chastity keeps jamie at her gurly best anyway.

I think I like the jean skirt and cami look the best - a youngish slutty look for jamie - soooo very not male...

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

aww thank You Miss D!

You are so right. Mistress is so good to me. Domina said i've cum too much lately and i guess that they will become more seldom.

Domina likes that outfit on me and agrees too.
Thank You again Ma'am!
sissy girl

Kate said...

Mistress has done an excellent job, such a restrained, well behaved sissy!

sissy slave jamie said...

Thank you Kate!