Sunday, October 26, 2008

Updates Sunday Oct 26 2008

Wow the year is really flying by! Here it is almost November. Its getting so much cooler. i haven't been wearing shorts and skirts so much lately but more Feminine jeans when i've gone out and about. Wearing jeans of course reduces opportunities to show off my legs but of course i still shave them every other day. i just love keeping them smooth and feminine.

Last week Domina officially collared j i will now call bear. Domina wants to call Her pets by animal names. She hasn't found one for me yet so She will call me a fairy :) She doesn't want me to call bear Her boyfriend. Domina just doesn't like that. She prefers that i call him Her manly sub, leopet Her fucktoy, and me Her girl. Domina said that She does not see me as a man but as a girl. When talking about emasculation She asked how She could take masculinity away from me if i have never been a man. i love being Her girl!

Domina said Halloween i will be wearing my french maid costume almost all day. so cool!

i am now expected to wear a bra always. At least a sports bra with a small breast form when i cannot be full fem and my full bra and forms when i can. On weekends and times without the boy around i am expected to be all girl. Yesterday Domina dressed me in more drab wear with holey jeans, my ring belt, black sweater shirt and my new brown heel shoes. i wore lipstick, eyeliner, mascara etc and W/we all went out shopping in a open mall. It was so much fun. i kept getting looks. Sometimes i felt self conscious thinking, "These people must be seeing through". Domina said that really i looked like i could be a model and i moved like one too. Ahhh Domina was so wonderful saying that!

This week Domina ordered a new belly button ring for me. Its a blue sparkly lock. i really love it. It should arrive soon. She wanted to get a pink one but it wasn't available. i thought it would show more when i wear pink outfits anyway.

Domina has been talking about getting a real girl as a sub for Her stable. It is kind of difficult finding a bi-girl. Domina would like her to be sexual with both Her and the boys. i think it would be wonderful to have a girl like a sister to also keep me in check like to let me know when i might start acting/talking like a boy so i could correct myself. W/we'll see.

More and more Domina plays with the boys and makes the distinctions between Her real men and Her girl. Their's cocks and my clit. She plays with it sometimes but leaves it alone more and more. She knows i love watching. Something about the sexual tension is soo hot to me!

Domina has been calling me jamie more and more. i love it!

sissy girl


Anonymous said...

Well jaime, I doubt that anyone makes the mistake of thinking you are male.. You are so obviously feminine despite your silly little thingy that is little more than a clitty.

jaime does love to watch doesn't she? I'll bet that is what makes her little clitty get all swollen. And as she watches, I'll bet she wishes that she would be touched even though she knows that even a simple touch might be enough to make her dribble in her panties...

jaime is a sissy cucky gurl with a hair trigger - far to feminine to be considered male at all...

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D!

Thank You for Your comments!

i so agree! Domina knows i love to watch too although She loves being pleasured as well as knowing i am watching.

So true, it is such a hair trigger.

i so love being a girl!


sissy girl

Anonymous said...

your so cute and feminine you lucky sissy you