Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 2008

It was a beautiful day today. Domina worked early as usual. i went to the doctor for an appointment. Afterwards W/we came home. She went to take Her nap. i helped the boy with his grim reaper costume. i put on my shiny French Maid costume :) teeheee!

It was a great chance to wear my costume. W/we didn't go to any parties but did hand out some candy. Domina had gone out to get U/us tacos. It was just a nice evening :)

Tomorrow, bear is going to come by and pick up Domina. T/they are going out to a park to go bicycle path bicycling. Domina said She needed a rest from things and She should have a great time with Her manly man sub.

It should be a nice weekend for all of U/us :)

btw Domina played with my clitty for awhile tonight as W/we talked about cuckold relating things. Domina said that if i want to know what happened when Her and bear is together i will have to beg.

sissy girl

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