Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Oct 19 2008

Yesterday morning Domina, leopet and i got up. i took a shower and shaved my legs, pits, face, sissy cock and balls. i put on mascara and eyliner. i put on my Lady's low hip jeans, a plum blouse with a pretty flowery design and a denim over shirt. W/we went shopping. W/we went to Hobby Lobby, the Thrift Store where i got some new Lady's jeans, the grocery store and Hobby Lobby. W/we then went to Sam's Club and enjoyed samples and got a few things.

W/we got home and i scrubbed the bbq grill and replaced another burner. i took another shower and this time put on my pink polka dot top, my new black bra and my short short jean skirt plus my highest heels. i wore my face powder, mascara and eyeliner, and red lipstick. i asked what nail polish Domina wanted on me. She said the happy pink. A very vivid bright pink. skweeeee!

j arrived and i showed him the grill. he brought several steaks for U/us all. Domina put Her new collar and leash on him. he wore his usual jeans and t shirt.

At about 4pm, Domina's sister and new hubby rolled into the driveway. They got out and there were lots of hugs and kisses. Everyone was so happy!

W/we watched several episodes of Big Bang Theory on the DVR until Domina said to put the steaks on. j was a bit nervous about getting the steaks right but they came out beautifully and tender. W/we had steaks, baked potatoes and salad. For drinks there were margaritas, beer and wine. Yummy

j had been snarky during the day. Domina then took j after dinner up to the playroom for attitude adjustment. T/they played for awhile and when T/they came back down he was lots more docile.

W/we put on Ironman and was watching it while Domina was playing with j's cock. She wouldn't let him play with himself although it was hard for him to not do. She let him play with my clitty though and soon had him begging to suck me. It was sooo nice :) At one point She played with his cock until he came. She said i wouldn't be able to cum because She wanted me to remain docile, submissive and girly while Her sister was here.

While She was playing during Ironman, Her sister and hubby decided to go to the casino. So W/we were alone to play. After play Domina went to bed. j stayed downstairs to sleep and i was on my computer until around 12 midnight. Early in the morning j left and Domina and leopet fooled around.

Now W/we are having a nice breakfast leopet through together :)

sissy girl


Karen Singer said...


You're looking more and more feminine every day! Love it.


sissy slave jamie said...

Hi karen :) Thank you so much! i do too!

sissy girl

bdenied said...

Interesting that you can have other family members know of what it is you perspective on things....