Friday, October 17, 2008

Weekend plans Oct 17 2008

Today, Domina Her sub girlfriend i went out shopping for awhile. i was home before cleaning Her house to welcome Her sister and her new husband who is arriving this Saturday. i had planned on shaving my legs but ran out of time so i will surely do that tomorrow. Domina came home and i quickly dressed in my Female low belly jeans, a cami and an open denim shirt with fall leaf patterns on it. i came down and put on my black strappy sandals and put on my face powder and lipstick. i had put on mascara and eyeliner after the shower. Domina was well pleased with my new hair cut. It is perfect for me with a lot of texture and i had colored it yesterday with the lightest blonde beige.

W/we left and went to Joanns for some things Domina wanted and then had lunch at Boston Market. W/we then went to Hobby Lobby where i got a G cleft music charm for my new purse as well as a Tinker Bell charm for my belly button ring. Domina got a new lock with keys charm to put on my necklace/collar. It is more feminine with four jewels on it.

W/we then went to Super Walmart where W/we shopped for things for the weekend and then returned home.

i then left to go to a local store for some things and returned home. leopet's car was in the drive way. i came inside and went upstairs. Domina was showing leopet how to use the phone She used to use.

i went downstairs for awhile and got on my computer. i went back upstairs and saw Domina and leopet making out. She told me to get the lube and i did. Next some small rope. i went in the playroom and got some. Next the camera. She wanted me to take some pictures of his cock. So i did. Domina tied up his man cock and played and stroked it. i asked if She wanted me to put on my bra. She shushed me and continued playing until he came.

A little later W/we were watching tv while She put my Tinker Bell charm on my belly button ring and the new lock charm on my necklace collar. i love them! While She was putting on the Tinker Bell She told me that:

  1. i must be on my best behavior while Her sister and husband was here. There will be no james here at all.
  2. i will be all girl. i will wear skirts and all Female tops
  3. She repeated that i will be on my best behavior or the consequences will be bad.
  4. i will not be unduly prissy where i complain about ruining my nail polish, etc
i said yes Domina to all She said

i still need to replace a couple burners in the bbq grill.

Domina's new sub boyfriend j will be over tomorrow. he will be kept on collar and leash and maybe panties. Domina's sister has not yet met him. Domina plans on doing the official collaring for him in a week i think. She really has a crush for him.

Things are going very well. i just need to always know my place. No whining. No obsessions. No tantrums.

sissy girl

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