Thursday, October 16, 2008

sissy girl's updates Oct 16 2008

Wow! so sorry i haven't posted for awhile. i think a lot of things has been going on i've been trying to leap back in and update.

Domina now has three collared people; leopet, j and me. It seems things are really happening. For the last couple weekends j, who is in an open marriage has been coming over for the weekends and Mistress has really developed a crush for him. j is an adventurous and masculine guy and very friendly. She really relates to him and enjoys the way he talks and the way he responds to stimulation in play.

Last weekend j brought over some marinated chicken breasts to grill and salad. W/we had a lovely dinner while watching a couple episodes of Rome. Mistress was playing with his cock like She loves to while laying on the futon in front of the wide screen tv. T/they really seem like boyfriend/Girlfriend. Since he doesn't live with U/us naturally Domina spends more of Her time with him while he is here.

After the episodes of Rome was over Mistress said that T/they were going upstairs to play but changed Her mind and said that T/they were going to play downstairs and asked how i was feeling. i said that i had a bit of a headache and felt a bit run down. She told me that i could watch since i am really good at it and join in when She wanted me to. W/we went back downstairs. j was naked. Domina tied his wrists together and had me get on the couch behind him and hold the binds. he really doesn't like too much bondage but i could tell he was getting excited.

Mistress tied up his cock and started playing with it and kissed and made out with him back and forth. She started sucking his cock and then looked up at me telling me to watch and learn. It was really hot watching Her suck another's cock. Soon She got naked and got on his cock and started riding it. She pulled me down off the couch and started playing with my sissy cock. i almost came immediately. It was so exciting!

W/we all then went upstairs. j was sleeping on the floor under some comforters. i was on my computer for awhile. Before i left j was playing with Mistress with a vibrator.

Through the week there has been an almost endless exchange of emails between T/them. She is really excited about him.

i on the other hand have had some problems. i get really frustrated over things some times like being unable to find tools, kitchen utensils, etc where they are stored because we are not on the same sheet of music about organization. i have tried communicating it to Domina but i guess i come across like i think i'm better than everybody or something. Usually its pointed out how cluttered my office is and such. These exchanges got heated and i don't feel so girly and in Mistress's mind james comes out. james is not wanted here. Mistress and i both prefer jamie, Her cuckolded sissy girl, sweet and all. Tuesday night W/we had a very serious talk. It was really scary to me. Anyway, i woke up when Domina woke up the next morning at 3:30am and when She left i was like a tornado removing the clutter from the office as well as the kitchen and did other housework. i went out later shopping and bought Mistress a couple dozen roses.

Things have really improved now, i just need be stay girly, be jamie. Mistress has Her boys.

After Mistress came home She went to take Her nap. W/we talked a bit about j and things. i asked Her if She was turned on cuckolding me. She said that as a person She is still trying to believe that it isn't hurting my feelings but knows that it turns me on. As a Mistress She said that it seems to be growing.

Mistress had been working on a collar for j and other jewelry. She told me to put Her jewelry stuff away because She was done. i asked Her about something She said She was going to make for me, a surprise. She said She was going to get back to that and hinted that it was something for my sissy cock. i have a feeling it will be a chastity device. we will see.

Today j came over for some play in the play room. Mistress sent me off to get Her a new phone, get a hair cut and some burners for the grill. i bought a new Instinct for Her, got a fairly adrogynous hair style that Domina loves and the things for the grill.

Tonight W/we watched tv while i showed Her how to use the phone. my new black bra with pockets for the forms arrived. i love it! Its just like the white one but new and black. i've about worn out the white one.

Tomorrow Her boy goes to his Uncles for the weekend. Mistress's sister got married today and her and her new husband is coming Saturday for the weekend. She and her husband wants us to be as we are without non-scening people around. me all girly and dressed, j in collar and leash, etc. It should be an exciting weekend!


sissy girl

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