Monday, November 3, 2008

Beautiful weekend! Nov 3 2008

Saturday morning bear arrived at about 9:15am and Domina and he left in his SUV to travel to a park about two hours from here. This is the first time Domina has gone with a man like that. Of course this further demonstrated the fact that i am Her sissy slave cuckold girl but mostly it was a chance to give Domina a rest from the everyday routines W/we live. After T/they left i was on my computer for awhile and then went out to the yard and did some yard work with the boy. leopet had to work for awhile that morning.

After the yard work i went up and took my shower and shaved my legs, clitty, sissy balls, pits, ass, and face, put on my eyeliner and mascara, face powder, lipstick (pink) and put on my feminine low belly jeans, plum ladies blouse and a denim shirt. i also wore my Lady's tennis shoes. By then leopet had come home. we all left and went down to Overland Park and went to the Microcenter there where i purchased some more ram for my computer (with Domina's approval), a larger SD card for the camera, a game for the boy and some other things.

we had lunch at Sonic and then went to Target where i bought some Lady razors, shampoo and conditioner.

we continued to the grocery store where i bought some steaks and other things.

we came home. i was on my computer for awhile when i got a call from Domina telling me that T/they were on the way home. She later called and said that T/they stopped at an adult novelty store where bear bought a remote control vibrating egg. he thought it was for her but instead Domina had him put it in his ass and She controlled it all the way home. She told me to have dinner ready by the time T/they got home and to have the playroom open because T/they were going to go straight up there.

i made all the preparations. Domina and bear arrived home and went straight up to the playroom where T/they played for awhile. i had dinner ready. When T/they came out bear was really exhausted and said his goodbyes. Domina said he was so over stimulated he just couldn't cum.

W/e had dinner and watched a few clips of Saturday night live on Domina's computer. W/we aren't going to have the tv working til hopefully today when the replacement lamp arrives. W/we enjoyed the clips but Domina was so tired. She and leopet went to his room to sleep. i cleaned up the kitchen. After awhile Domina went to Her own bed since Her legs were over active from all the exercise. She then went to sleep.

i woke up and heard Domina and leopet downstairs. T/they then came upstairs and went to his room. Later Domina came out while i was down in the office and said T/they were fooling around with the egg, making out and She said She rode leopet like a pony for awhile.

W/we got cleaned up and went out shopping all over the place. W/we went to Toys r Us where leopet surprised Domina by buying the Wii Fit for O/our Wii for Christmas. W/we went to Target where i got hair color and a new hair dryer since mine was broke. W/we went to Walmart to look for glasses. i have an appointment Tuesday for glasses. i am planning on getting Lady's George brand glasses with half rims that features magnetic sunglass attachments.

W/we also had dinner at an all you can eat restaurant. W/we went to Sally's Beauty supply where Domina got some red hair color. W/we also got an account card there and now i have it on my key-chain, yaaaaay!.

Finally W/we all came home. Domina and leopet crashed for awhile. Later i gave Domina a foot massage and painted Her toes while W/we watched "Desperate Housewives". When i finished i joined Domina on Her bed while W/we watched "Brothers and Sisters". She was so tired She said She had to go to sleep.

i went downstairs to the office and did my thing for awhile then went to bed.

What a nice weekend!

sissy girl


Anonymous said...

What a nice gurly weekend jamie had.. so nicely cuckied - just the way she likes to be - femmed and cuckied. It's been such a long time since jamie had cummies. I'll bet she's a horny little thing - isn't she? Well, don't fret sweety, it's exactly what you need - it will keep you very femmed and gurly - just the way you are meant to be. Just relax and let every trace of male disappear from you...

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D!

Oh yes it was! So true, It seems like things are happening more and more except my cummies. teehee! blush, yes horny but i know its good for me. To stay femmed and gurly. It is so good to be more and more. Domina said She doesn't see me as a male anymore but as a girl.
Thank You Ma'am!