Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Drama continues

i slept horribly last night. When Domina and Her son came home from wherever they went straight to their bedrooms. leopet the same. At some point during the night i remembered that the alarm clock on my side of the bed was probably not turned to alarm so i swiftly went into the bedroom while Domina was there reading and set it.

i went to sleep but woke up at about 2am. Then about 5 and so on.

i finally got up at about 7 and got online and did my unemployment. i then went and took a shower. i took off all my jewelry except my necklace. i just don't feel so girly now.

Domina came in at about 8:08am and saw Her son off to school then went up stairs for Her lunch break. She came back down at about 8:44 and said that we are going to talk at about 1:30pm today. i asked Her what we were going to talk about. She said that She thinks that my rages may not be the real problem but a symptom. She said she thinks the real problem may be our fundamental differences in how we communicate. That i continue to push for answers instead of letting it go. She needs to think about things when presented a problem whereas when I talk i need an immediate answer.

Another thing is that i may regard an issue as more important than She does.

That choosing the time when she is tired and getting ready to take a nap is the wrong time. But i said that she has said the same thing no matter what time of day or day of the week i've approached Her.

She stated that the part time subs come here and reverance Her. But knowing that living with people is different i still shouldnt be arguing all the time. i shouldnt call myself a slave nor submissive.

Domina said things are too tense here.

Then She left for work.

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