Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday November 25th 2008

Its been awhile since i've blogged anything. Since all the drama a couple weeks ago things have been going pretty good. i saw a psychiatrist who was referred to by my therapist for medication management. my appointment was for 9:45am the other morning. i had mapped out the way with google maps but about 15 minutes before i needed to be there Domina called and told me to bring Her extra cell phone battery. i grabbed it and dashed over to Her workplace. i had tried to call Her on the way over there but couldn't get an answer. i ran through this big store and finally found Her. Then i got in the car and ended up getting lost in a neighborhood and finally found the place. i had passed it when i first entered the neighborhood!

i waited awhile to see the doctor and finally a petite Pakistani woman greeted me and led me into her office. She asked me to tell Her the situation. i explained that i am in a non-traditional marriage. That my Wife is head of household - the Mistress. i am Her sissy slave, etc. i had been told by my therapist that she is open to alternative lifestyles.

i further explained that i was seeing the therapist and her because of anger and depression problems. That sometimes out of the blue Domina and i would be talking about something and it would erupt in an argument. That i find it hard to let it go. That certain things like tools and such are hard to find because family members don't return them to places where they are stored seem to trigger bad feelings in me that seem to have something to do with the arguments. i told her that the last thing i want to do as a sissy girl is to argue with my Mistress.

She prescribed Wellbutrin for my depression feeling that the depression may be the underlying cause for it all. She said it would kick in in about 2 weeks.

i thanked her and left and picked up the medication.

Right after the argument W/we had before i had done what i had done before. i removed all my nail polish, jewelry and bra and put on men's clothes. i also went online and deleted my Ds Discussion site as well as several other sites i had on my server. i also deleted my flickr account and other online accounts. i told Domina of this and She told me i always have done that before and not to do it again. She told me to put on my nail polish as pink as possible as well as my jewlery (slave anklet, another anklet, fairy ring). She told me i will wear a bra at all times. my training bra when boychild is at home, at my parents, and when i get a job and my "big girl bra" at all other times.

She told me to put up my Ds Discussion site again, http://bimpie.no-ip.com/~discuss
i did that. Its pretty new but it does have a forum area for discussing the various lifestyles, a gallery, file exchange, chat board, and of course articles and stories.

Domina told me that i do not have permission to delete anything like that again without Her permission.

bear, Domina's submissive and lover had taken an adventure out of country to New Zealand. he has been gone for the last couple weeks and She has really missed him.

Domina told me today that She is dropping one of Her subs that comes over occasionally. Its just taking too much of Her time.

Last week Domina acquired a foot slave that has a hug foot fetish. he is into humiliation but is not ready to have others around. So Domina told me to run some errand while he was gone. i did and arrived home as he was passing me on the street. Domina came downstairs all happy and feeling good. She really enjoyed it!

Another matter that caused tension was the other night Domina received an email from bear who was having some insecurities after hearing that She had been playing with other subs. Hearing that i told Domina that he should be told that when You receive emails from him Your face lights up and he makes You happy. She couldn't understand why the submissives can be insecure. i said that i can see why She couldn't because the Mistress is wanted by everyone but the submissives yearn to be with Her. This got a bit tense and i ended up emailing Her that i thought that W/we should be able to discuss lifestyle issues without tension. W/we did talk awhile after that.

Things are going pretty well now. i am feeling better and better :)

sissy girl


Anonymous said...

Domina is completely correct jamie. It is not your choice any longer whether you are femme or not - you are a gurl and you should dress and act appropriately.

Besides, sissy jamie, as an outside observer, it is soooo clear to Me that you need femming - just think how much more miserable you would be without it.

And finally, as to your disposition as a sissy cucky.. you must realize that Domina needs a gurly gurl - exactly like you - to talk with about the Men in her life and the high points and the low points of dealing with them.

Think about it for awhile jamie. Look at yourself in the mirror. Don't you see a gurl looking back at you? That is what I see... That is what Domina sees...

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D!

Yes Ma'am, Domina is completely correct. i have no choice and i am a gurl. i understand.

i would be so miserable if i wasn't being femmed. i know!

i think it is a privilege to be able to be Her sounding board in this way.

Yes Ma'am, i do often. i love it. Yes Ma'am.

sissy girl