Tuesday, November 18, 2008


This morning Domina came home from work for Her lunch break and told me that W/we were going to talk at 1:30pm when She gets off work. All morning i thought about it of course and took Titus O/our Westie out to the Parkville river park for a looong walk (4 miles). i really did pray that there would be a positive outcome to all of this drama really.

Domina came home and W/we talked about it all. The conflict is that when i bring up a problem She believes i want the answer immediately. Domina prefers taking a problem and thinking it through before giving Her answer on many things. Also the level of importance of a given problem may be a different level in Her eyes than mine.

i agreed that i will work on being more sensitive to Her needs/feelings in these matters.

W/we talked about the lifestyle too. i feel positive that things are improving.

sissy girl


Miss Honey said...

Nice to see you and she are finding a way to communicate. So important.

sissy slave jamie said...

Thank You Miss Honey. That is for sure! So tough but so worth it!

sissy girl

Lucinda Michedge said...

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the cummie timer on your site.

'your toy's' special day will be planned ...but how?

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Ms Michedge!

Thank You so much for Your comments. Your welcome, Miss D suggested a counter/timer such as that.

teehee its all up to Domina!