Sunday, November 30, 2008

The last day of November, 2008

It was a very nice weekend!

Friday morning at about 5am leopet woke me up to tell me that Domina wanted me to go to Home Depot and pick up an artificial Christmas tree that was on the Black Friday sale. i called Her and She said that Home Depot didn't open til 6:00. At 6:20 She text'd me and told me to get over there because there will be a line. i headed over there and stood in line till 6. i got in there and got the tree. By the time i checked out a couple minutes later all of them had been sold. Whew!

i went back to bed and then got up around 9am and went down to Overland Park and picked up some things at Microcenter, 1/2 price book store and Super Walmart.

W/we all of U/s except leopet watched Wall-e and enjoyed it. leopet didn't want to watch it because he thought it was too politically correct.

Saturday Domina, Her boy, and leopet went out shopping and left me at home for a break. i got itching to go out so later showered, shaved my legs and all, put on my "big girl bra", panties, Female shirt, girls jeans and girls running shoes and went out and about looking for gifts. i found the camera i was looking for Domina's boy and i went to Sally's Beauty Supply to get hair color for Domina and i. The checkout girl asked if i had a Sally's Beauty card and i said yes and i gave it to her and left.

Saturday night W/we watched Tom Hanks in Bachelor Party. teehee!

Sunday It snowed today! Today W/we did some Christmas decorating and Domina wanted me to take boychild and get out of the house at 4:00pm because Her footslave was coming over for play. We left and went to Border's books where we got some gifts as well as hot chocolate and coffee. W/we then went to Super Walmart for some shopping and groceries. Then we went to Sally's again to get some more hair solution for Domina. She called me and told me the coast was clear and to come home. i also picked up some nail polish for Domina and myself. We got home and i grilled some hamburgers and W/we watched Dexter. i painted Domina's toes a very dark red and painted all my nails and pretty color called "Jetstream" which is a kind of pink/purple sparkle. i think a pretty color. i put Domina to bed then cleaned up the kitchen. She has a list of things for me to do including hanging more decorations and shampooing the carpet.

Domina's sub boyfriend bear is returning tomorrow. She is really looking forward to his return!

sissy girl

Its been a very nice weekend!

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