Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Updates, bear returns Dec 3 2008

Lately W/we have been doing the Christmas decorating. Today i finished hanging garland in front on O/our railing and inside railings. i strung lights to compliment them. Domina had leopet build a three tier platform for Her miniature town and She set it up and today i put lights on it. i still need to get some more.

At 1:00pm today bear arrived. he has been out of the country for the last two weeks on his adventures in New Zealand. Domina has really missed him. he arrived with a few presents for Her and Domina soon had him join Her in Her bedroom upstairs while leopet was having lunch and i was fixing mine. bear went up and i heard the door close. Soon he came out of Her bedroom naked and Domina called me up. i went up and She told me to tie Her corset. It had been laced but not tied. Unfortantely i just couldn't get it tied. Domina told me to research that on the net. i then asked Her if i should go out and get more lights and q-tips?. She said yes. Next i said "i'm going to wear my big girl bra out. Is that ok Domina?" She asked, "Are you telling me or asking me?". i said asking. She made it clear that i must ask correctly. i then asked Her which bra i should wear by default?. She said my "big girl bra" unless told otherwise.

i left to come downstairs and i could hear Her go into the playroom where bear is. T/they have been playing for awhile. i am getting ready to go shopping :)

my my here we go!

sissy girl

Domina's submissive boyfriend returned from his adventures in New Zealand yesterday.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like everything is much smoother now - jamie is nicely femmed and certainly cuckied...

Does it make jamie blush to see bear - naked - leaving Domina's bedroom?

I noticed your counter since your last cummie is really starting to add up - I'll bet that is very helpful for your femming...

Good gurl jamie!

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D!

It sure is Ma'am. Things have been a lot more smoother lately. Yes Ma'am, i love it!

grin, yes Ma'am. i looked upstairs and saw him and of course all kinds of things went through my mind. Domina was doing what She wanted to do.

Yes Ma'am, it is. Totally in Domina's control.

Thank You Miss D!