Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday, December 7 2008

Yesterday Domina took Her boy to his grandma's and then She came home. bear arrived and gave Domina a Christmas ornament thats over 100 years old. wow! Domina had planned on going Christmas shopping with him so T/they left to go out and about. Domina had told us to make a list of five things we want for Christmas so i spent time on websites researching different things. i am wanting more tech oriented things for the computer this year. Domina already said She was getting me some girly things :)

Finally after awhile i went and took my shower and put on my face powder, eyeliner, mascara, my "big girls bra" (Domina expects me to wear that out when i go out and about), my pink and black striped girls' shirt and girls jeans.

i went to Best Buy and browsed the store. Next i had lunch at McDonalds and then i went to Target where i picked up a new Covergirl's eyeliner. mine had run out. Then i came home.

Soon Domina and bear arrived. T/they had picked up some gifts as well as dinner for the evening, steaks and corn on the cob.

i put on my black dress which now Domina corrected me by telling me its a blouse, (blush). i thought it was short for a dress :) It felt so good wearing it and i felt more feminine. W/we went down to the futon and watched some tv. After awhile Domina told us to put the steaks on so bear and i went upstairs and started those thick steaks. i put on some heels. Its been awhile since i wore them.

we finished cooking the steaks, corn and baked beans and served them to Domina. W/we watched some more tv and then put on the dark thriller "Se7en". While watching it bear was stroking Domina's hair. She was playing with my clit for awhile. It felt so nice! bear was sucking on Her breast and playing with Her pussy. i wasn't sure if She wanted me to play with Her other breast and i asked Her while bear was using the bathroom. She told me i wasn't allowed to play with Her. i was not allowed to interupt at all. i said yes Domina.

Domina started playing with bear's cock and he continued playing with Her. After awhile She told him to lean over and suck my clit. mmmm so nice. She commented how Her playing with bear made my clit hard. She continued playing with my clit. T/they kissed deeply for awhile. Soon She got on him and road his man cock for awhile while gazing at me.

At one point Domina told me to go suck his cock so i went over to his side of the futon and started sucking him. Domina asked, "Do you like sucking My boyfriend's cock?" i said "yes Domina!" She said, "Good girl". Soon Domina told us to go 69. i had never done that before and we got in position and he sucked my clit while i sucked his cock. That was really wild! Domina said "Enough" and i lay down on the futon next to Her. She told me to get lube and rope so i went up to the play room and got the items and returned. She tied my wrists together and told me i couldn't touch myself or anyone else. She continued playing and fucking with bear. One time She got on my clit a few times. Soooo nice! Then She got off and told bear to suck me off. he came over and started sucking me hard.. Sooo nice! Then Domina said i had permission to cum! i bit into a pillow and screamed so hard! It was sooo intense!

Domina told me to get a vibrator next to Her bed so i retrieved it and She played with Herself as bear did as well. She got off too!.

Soon the movie was over and Domina and bear went to bed. She told me all three of U/us were sleeping together. i cleaned up the kitchen, got on the computer for awhile and then went to bed.

What a nice day!

sissy girl

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Anonymous said...

I think jamie likes it when she is cuckied so personally - right in front of her - jamie watching while Domina has a real man's cock.

And now jamie's cummy counter has to start all over again. I trust it will be quite some time again before she is allowed a cummy.

Miss D