Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lately i have had this broncial/sinus/cold thing that hasn't been all too comfortable. Domina has been so good about it. She was going to have me see the doctor Monday but i think its finally subsiding.

i've been interviewing a bit. One recruiter wanted me to come down and meet her so i put on a suit, tied my hang back in a pony tail and used mousse on the rest of it. i got a little lost looking for the place but finally found it. i went in and met her. She took me into a conference room and wanted to know all about what i've done and what i was looking for. i started to tell her then a young guy asked her for a moment. She got up immediately and they went outside for about 5 minutes. Then she came back in and said, "In conclusion..". i was pretty much startled but kept my composure. i told her a few more things then it was done. i don't know what that was all about but Domina and i don't think its going to amount to anything.

Fortuantely another recruiter has some possibilities.

Friday, Domina went to meet Her sub boyfriend bear at a hotel out in central Missouri. T/they had fun at a casino and more fun back at the hotel where T/they played a bit. Domina had me get rope and She took a paddle and lube. This is the first time She stayed over with a real man since W/we were married. She was telling me,"Yes spending the night with Her boyfriend while Her sissy girl stays home to take care of Her house." Teehee.

Domina got back yesterday morning and She and leopet left to go Christmas shopping for several hours. Domina was going to take me after but She was tired and wanted me to rest too.

Today Domina is going over to footslave's house and going to make his fantasy of a Mistress sitting at his computer looking at his porn while he is under the desk worshipping Her feet. She is going to love that!

Later today Domina and i are going Christmas shopping.

So wonderful being able to be all girl this weekend! i am wearing my "big girl's bra" more and more now. When the boy is home i have been wearing loose fitting pajama tops.

sissy girl


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should be looking for a job as a gurl jamie... It must be a bit hard for you to pretend to be male now. Besides, you really do look more like a gurl than a male.

Isn't it nice that Domina has you to take care of the house while She visits Her boyfriend? That is so good for you - truly defines your place in the home...

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D!

Yes Ma'am. Maybe i should. Lately i've had a couple possibilities. i have an interview Thursday for an IT job. W/we'll see.
Yes, it is true. i am more comfortable being a girl. It is hard to pretend i am a male.
Oh yes Ma'am. She had a great time with him. Yes it does.