Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bye bye 2008. Welcome 2009! Happy New Year!!

This morning i got up to use the bathroom after Domina left for work at 4am. i had heard Shanaya Her cat yowling a bit and i thought it strange because she usually doesn't do that when she wants water. i turned on the faucet and she jumped up to the faucet, took a lick and then jumped down and started jumping around. The i saw Her pawing at something and then flicked something in the air.. A mouse! Wow! Domina's 15 year old cat a mouser! i called Her later and it really surprised Her too! teehee!

Later in the morning Domina called me and told me to go over to Home Depot because they were having a 75% off Christmas sale. i went over there and She had already gathered a bunch of town miniatures, large ornaments, a couple large figurines, lights, etc.! i loaded them in the car and went home.

i've been working on a new Ds Discussion site. This one is using the Dolphin social CMS and its wonderful! i am working on tweaking it now. For now the older board is at

Today is leopet's birthday and Domina got him a couple shirts. my birthday is January 3rd and Domina took both of us out to a casino where W/we had a wonderful buffet dinner and gambled away $20. Lately Domina has had me brush my hair back over my ears. The other day i colored my hair "Temptress Gold" and according to Her it looks really good on me. i have been wearing the butterfly dangly ear rings Domina gave me for Christmas. (Her symbol for me is the butterfly). i wore my "big girl black bra" with breast forms, my pink cami, leopard panties, girl's jeans without pockets, a red hoody and my brown loafers with heels. i carried my carrier bag purse and W/we enjoyed O/ourselves at the casino.

W/we got back home and Domina told me to bring Her a small glass of Irish Creme and then rub Her feet and calves while W/we watched a few episodes of the Twilight Zone marathon.

Tomorrow Domina wants to sleep in and Her sub boyfriend bear is coming over to spend the day with U/us. Domina and i plan to go to the movies together. The boys don't want to. i guess they are going to watch games :)

Wow! What a year its been! Lots of ups and lots of downs. Still looking for that job! So many interviews. That is certainly a New Years resolution... to get hired :)

Another is to continue on this path as a sissy slave cuckold. i think it is always a work in progress. To develop the mindset, the mannerisms, of as many things feminine that i can. To better serve my Mistress Wife in order to make Her life easier and happier. To be a better girl for Her.

i thank all of Y/you who read my blog for Y/your support!

i wish all of Y/you a very happy new year! May all Y/your dreams come true!


sissy slave jamie


sissy danelle said...

Do you plan on going on hormones in the up coming year?

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi sissy danelle,
There are no plans for hormones. i would certainly love to grow breasts and to be more feminine in appearance as well as feeling but there are other things to consider as well.
Thank you :)