Saturday, January 3, 2009

my birthday January 3rd 2009

Today i got up before everyone at about 8am. i spent some time on my computer until Domina yelled for coffee. i brought Her up a cup and She wished me Happy Birthday. She had told me the night before that She would be going to breakfast with bear at 10am.

A couple days ago on New Years bear was going to come over but he called and said that he wasn't feeling too well. Then later Domina told me he was coming over. W/we had been watching tv and laying down on the futon in the living room when he arrived. bear came down and joined us while W/we watched tv and Domina played with his man cock. Mistress and boyfriend cuddled together in a blanket Domina made him for Christmas. i lay down on Domina's side while She and bear cuddled and watched tv. After awhile Domina reached for my clit and started playing with it. Since i am the sissy cuckold my clit is always quite sensitive and it surely felt so good. After awhile bear got up and put his clothes on. At first he said he was going to the bathroom then he said he was going home since he had lots to do.

i felt kind of strange and hoped that he was not feeling jealous that Domina was playing with me. he left and went home. Later he called and asked Domina if he could cum. Then it erupted into an argument. Yes, as it turned out he felt ignored as Domina was playing with me. Domina tried to explain that She thought he felt comfortable with Her playing with any one of us but it turned into a non-communication kind of argument which got Her really upset. i tried to soothe Her but the best thing i could do was to let Her take Her nap. She turned off Her phone and closed Her email.

The next day Domina felt really bad and later in the day talked to him on the phone and planned to have breakfast to talk it out.

Back to today, Domina's phone rang and i picked it up. It was bear. he thought it was me and sounded quite apologetic. Finally i corrected him and told him it was sissygirl, it was jamie. he said he felt bad and all. i said everything was going to be ok. Later Domina pointed out how different O/our lifestyle is where the cuckolded sissygirl is trying to soothe his Wife's boyfriend and all.

T/they went to breakfast and now all looks ok. While T/they were out, leopet and i packed up the Christmas decorations. i took care of the inside stuff and he the outside. Domina came home and W/we continued together.

i took a shower and got pretty. i shaved my legs yesterday. i have been shaving them every other day. Any more or less often seems to give me the red bumps. i got some St Ives oatmeal and shea butter lotion for moisturizing after the shower. i put on my eyeliner and mascara and continued with Cover Girl face powder, lipstick and Sally Hanson Lip Inflation. i put on my big girl white bra with forms, my polka dot cami, my new cami panties, girl jeans, pink and black striped shirt and a denim shirt. i wore my girls tennis shoes.

Domina and i left and went downtown to Microcenter to get my birthday presents. i got a new 1 terabyte hard drive and an additional 1 GB stick of ram for the server. Its going to help U/us all to be able to back up O/our computers as well as have room for my websites.

W/we also went to Big Lots where W/we bought Her boy a gaming chair and then W/we came home.

W/we continued packing Christmas stuff away but Domina found W/we needed more containers for the stuff. i left and went to Big Lots and picked up a plastic container and found a clearance computer game. i went to checkout at customer service. i asked the lady there if i could check out there. She was working on some paperwork and didn't really look up but said, "Yes sir, i will be with you in a moment" then she said, "Sorry sir, that its taking so long, i will be right there". She then looked up and said, "i'm sorry, i should have looked up, you were tall." She was apologizing for calling me a guy! Wow, i said that was ok and left. i then went over to Goodwill and donated some of the Christmas decorations W/we didn't need anymore. i shopped there and found a cute cami that says ARMY vertically. The words spelled out says Adorable, Ravishing, Magnificent, Ya Know? teeeheee! lol Domina thought it was cute hehehe. i wore my short short cami panties with that new cami the rest of the night.

W/we watched some tv (1408) and checked out the new gaming chair. It is really cool, gets sound wirelessly. i installed the ram in the server and tried the new game.

Whew, what a night! i put Domina to bed and kissed Her goodnight. Her little stuffed bear from bear laying on the pillow :)



little shaun said...

This is a late happy birthday to you. Glad to see your day went well.

sissy slave jamie said...

Thank you little shaun! It did :)

Anonymous said...

A belated Happy Birthday to the pretty sissy gurl.

You are becomming a better sissy cucky gurl jamie... I think your conversation with bear indicates very good progress for you. But why he would be jealous of a sissy gurl cucky is a wonder to Me... It should be completely clear to him that your purpose is to be femmed and pretty and chaste - a sissy watcher!

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D!

Thank You so much Ma'am! i appreciate it :)

Thank You Ma'am. i am glad that i am becoming a better sissy cucky gurl Miss D. It is me. Domina believes i make a better girl than i ever did as a man. Actually now W/we feel like i was always pretending to be a man.

Thank You Ma'am. i think it kind of came natural. Afterwards Domina told me what She thought of the conversation and thought "What a strange life W/we live. But it all works". Teehee

Yes Ma'am. It should be. At one point the other day Domina told him that jamie knows not to get between T/them. Domina does want Her family to each have their own place .

Yes Ma'am. So true!

Thank You again Miss D!



bdenied said...

interesting that he is the one feeling jealous....but then I dont really understand jealousy anyway...oh well