Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday, January 31 2009


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Here we are on the last day of January 2009. The year is moving along so fast already!

Since last night i am wearing my new pink ‘big girls bra’. i really love it. The straps are thinner and look nice with sheer lingerie like the light pink teddy i wore last night. Plus, the bust is a bit larger than my other big girls bra lol :) i love it!

Yesterday, bear, Domina’s sub boyfriend came over for ‘attitude adjustment’. Being a masculine man, during the week he has to be a more assertive type and needs to be put in his place. me, being Her sissy cucky housewife, i can enjoy a more level persona as Her sissygirl. This does bring up the matter that i will need to be employed soon. W/we just can’t afford to keep me at home much longer. i used to work in a more male oriented workplace. Back then i considered myself as a submissive male and really kept it closeted except for a select few and of course other scene members in my support group. Since discovering i am a sissygirl i find it harder to bounce between the two personas. Domina and i would love for me to find a job i could do at home or one where i can be more who i am.

i’ve come across a blog that i am quite impressed with. Its called Femulate at and i really love the style and the content of this blog about men emulating women.

The other day i needed to go somewhere where Domina told me not to wear lipstick. i wore my hair brushed back and kept in place with a hair band as well as wearing my butterfly dangly earrings. i still felt naked or incomplete without my lipstick on! Looking in the mirror i just didn’t look right. Of course i went as Domina told me but after i left there i put my lipstick on. Then all was good :) 

Yesterday i ran errands. i went to the post office to mail a certified letter. Then i went to Target to pick up some medication, hair color for Domina and a new inexpensive lipstick called ‘Snow cone’. Its a more pink lipstick that Domina prefers on me. Next i went to Sams and picked up some fruit and beer. Lastly, i went to the grocery store and picked up dinner which consisted of beef and cheese tortellini's, more fruit for Domina and other things. i got home and Domina told me all was ok with bear. She was so tired since She hadn’t had a nap like She normally does when She gets home from work. W/we watched some ‘Fringe’ and had dinner then Domina had to go to bed.

Today i got up around 9 and made coffee. i had some ‘Muffin Top’ pastries and brought up coffee for Domina. She asked for a fruit bowl so i curtsied and went downstairs where i cut up an orange, added blueberries, strawberries, bananas and took it up to Her. She was really happy with it so. Domina then told me that a new younger sub (24 years old) was supposed to come over tonight at 7. She will tell me more about him later. i curtsied again and left to come downstairs.

i’ve been working on my Ds Discussion site a lot lately. One thing i have found is that most of the members now (there are 19) are sissies. Of course sissies are welcome, but anyone interested in alternative lifestyles such as D/s, BDSM, Master/slave relationships, cuckolding, transgender, feminization, etc are welcomed there. i hope that no one looking at the site feels that its not for them. The intent is to build a community of diverse interests, orientations and lifestyles to learn and share.

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Anonymous said...

I've thought about what jamie might do for employment but so far, I haven't come up with any ideas but it does seem clear to Me that jamie really needs to maintain her gurly status on the job. After so much time has passed, I don't think there is enough male left in jamie for her to keep up a pretense for very long. The only suggestion I can make is to take a job - any job - where jamie can be herself. Even if it doesn't pay much - it establishes a work history as jamie. There are a few issues jamie needs to work out - like what gender is listed on her driver's license? What gender should be indicated there? I know the answer... does jamie?

Life can be difficult for a sissy cucky but that is exactly what jamie is... she has been femmed and I don't see any way that can be undone...

Miss D

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