Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

Here we are. Its Super Bowl Sunday. W/we are watching it teehee.
Last night Domina had a new male come over. he hadn't been with a Mistress before so this was a new experience for him. I talked him through how to get here. Just before arriving Domina yelled down and told me to warn him about me. I then told him i'm a transvestite. a t-girl. he said "ok".
He came in and we all went to the living room. W/we gave him an initiation since he really didn't know much about it all. he didn't know what he liked. I then talked about bondage, sensation play, etc. Then I brought up about d/s and told him my role is to make Domina's life easier and better. I said that I take care of Her however I can. Domina then said, "Not sexually. That's what I have my boys for." I said yes Domina, feeling a bit embarrassed.
Domina then took him upstairs to the playroom for play.
awhile later I heard the summon bell ring and I hurried to the playroom. i entered the playroom and found the sub naked and facing the St Andrews cross. Domina had me help Her tie him to the cross. It was pretty hot in there and Domina told me to turn the fan on and leave which i did.

Later, Domina led the sub down by collar and leash for a drink of water and then returned to the playroom. i was in the office when i heard T/them come down and the sub left.

Today before i got up Domina went down and got a cup of coffee and fruit. i had coffee and toaster pastries. i was on the computer for awhile. Domina called down for a screwdriver and Her ice tea. i took them up and decided to take a shower. i asked Domina what She wanted me to wear today. She said to wear my pleated pink skirt and a blue shirt. i took my shower and got dressed. While i was in the shower bear arrived.i went downstairs Domina and bear went down to the living room and watched Pineapple Express.

After the movie, Domina and bear went up to the playroom for some play. She said Big Mistress needed to come out. After T/they played Domina said later W/we will have more sex play :)

After that we turned on the grill and bear cooked a delicious roast pork with potatoes and a salad which we ate while watching the Super Bowl.

As i'm typing this, Domina and bear are sitting on the couch holding hands and watching the game. Domina told me earlier to sit on the recliner. i brought my laptop in to type this. leopet is tending the fireplace.


W/we watched the Superbowl. Pittsburg won. Domina said She was going to bed and too tired to play. i followed Her upstairs to help Her to bed. i asked Her where i was going to sleep. She said in Her bed with Her. She and bear was going to cuddle for awhile then he was going to sleep on the floor or downstairs.

As Domina and i left the bathroom bear was naked in Her bed. She got in as W/we were all talking. i asked if i could watch. Domina said i could pull the chair from Her vanity and watch but i had to stay quiet.

Domina and bear started kissing and cuddling. bear started making comments toward me like, "Isn't Her breasts beautiful?", etc. i said yes :) Domina corrected him and told him i was just to watch.

Things started getting a bit steamier but he was having trouble getting hard. Domina told me to come over and get Her boyfriend hard for Her. i came over and started sucking his man cock probably longer than i ever have, ( i have problems with TMJ) and soon bear asked if he could suck my clit. Domina told me to come over and bear started playing with me. It felt so good!

Soon Domina told me to get on Her side of the bed and told me to take my silky pjs bottoms off as well as my panties. Domina was playing with his man cock and bear took my clitty and was playing with it and sucking. Domina mentioned that i cannot play with myself but Her boyfriend can play with himself. She told him and me that i can't cum tonight. bear was begging for it. She said that he could try but i couldn't cum. When i was so nearing that time She told me i could and goodness i did! So intense!

Soon Domina put bear to sleep on the floor at the foot of Her bed and chained his wrist to the bedpost.

i went downstairs and was on my computer for awhile then went back to bed for a very restful night.



ritemate said...

Lucky gurl, getting a cummie already! Domina surely is kind to you.
I’m glad to see that you’re updating your blog more often, as even your every day life is quite interesting.
By the way, I must compliment you to your Ds discussion site. So many great photos and videos.
I guess for me the cuckold captions will remain fantasy stuff (although you never know what the future may bring), but it’s an extra turn on to realize that this is your reality.

little shaun said...

I've never had a Super Bowl party as exciting as that!

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi ritemate :)
Thank you, i know! Actually Domina said that it was for Her boyfriend really. he wanted it but it was good for me too ;)
me too. Thank you for your comments and compliments. Its funny how somedays i think there probably wasn't anything interesting for that day but when i think about it there is. i think that may be true for most people too.
Thank you, i appreciate your feedback. i do love captions as well as a lot of other things too. So true, you never know what the future may bring!
awww thank you. i do enjoy my life :)

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi little shaun!

teehee! it was quite exciting to me :)


Anonymous said...

I think it was a very nice cucking that jamie got... She got to watch (which we all know she loves), she sucked cock and she got to have a cummy - all in one evening... How could life be better for a sissy cucky?

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D!

So true Ma'am!