Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nice President’s Day weekend 2009


The day started like usual. i got up that morning and was on the computer for awhile. Domina told me the night before She wanted O/our Titus, westie to get in for dog grooming. i called and made an appointment. i showered and got myself pretty and put on my pink and black striped shirt, my fushia big girl bra, a cami and girls jeans. i got Titus and we were off. i first stopped at Petsmart where Titus was being groomed and left him. The girl was going to call me when he was ready. i left and headed over to Independence where i was going to shop in some thrift stores. i got to the first one and didn?t find anything i was interested in. i was mainly looking for flats in my size 11. i did find a pair of crystal heels that had those blinking lights in the heel. The strap was broken though :(

Next i went to the Dollar Store that was just down the hill from the thrift store. i picked up a bunch of things including a little camera tripod, household cleaners, an energy drink, etc. i thought it was pretty cool as i was shopping there the song ?Lola? came on? ?Girls will be boys and boys will be girls? ? teeheee!

i left and went to the next thrift store and had no luck there either. While i was there shopping i received a call from Petsmart telling me that Titus was ready.

i left and went back up to Liberty. It was about 4pm and Domina had said She wanted woken up by 5. i got Titus and went down to Target to do some Valentine?s day shopping and to pick up some food for dinner. i got the food and went over to the cards. my eyes went straight to the perfect card. It was a keepsake with a butterfly on the front and something about butterfly kisses inside. i shopped all over the store and just couldn?t think of the perfect gift. i left the store and went to Pier 1 Imports where i looked for a glass head that both Domina and i wanted to get after playing at a Mistress?s play house where She had some of them. So cool putting candles in them and having them look your way like an audience would be:) They were out of them unfortunately

i left Pier 1 and went to Bed Bath and Beyond and found some nice foot repair lotion. i thought Domina would like that.

i left and returned home. As soon as i got home i put on my pink babydoll nighty.


Domina and i left fairly early Saturday morning to go to the city market. Domina said She wanted me with my hair down and not pulled back in a pony tail for now. Of course i wore my big girl bra and dressed in jeans, and a blue skin tight sweater.. W/we had a good time shopping at the Chinese grocery near the market and then W/we went to the market itself. It wasn?t too crowded because of the cooler weather. W/we picked up some Pita bread, some veggies and some fruit.

W/we left the market and went to the « Price bookstore where Domina picked up some books on Mediteranean cooking as well as some on outdoor projects. She is getting all excited about planting the garden and all. W/we then returned home.

I had trouble finding Valentine?s Day presents for Domina when i went shopping early Friday. So far i had picked up a card i thought was perfect. It was a keepsake with a butterfly on the cover and something about giving butterfly kisses inside. I went to the grocery store and picked up a potted flower called a Pink Cyclamen. I thought it looked quite unusual. It looked like multiple butterflies. Of course Domina?s symbol for me is the butterfly.

I returned home. Domina gave me my presents. She made up a gift bag. In it was a valentine chocolate box with a butterfly on the cover. She gave me a card saying She was so glad to have me as Her wife. I opened it and it sang ?my girl?. W/we both thought it was so perfect! She told me to look at the bottom. There was a new pair of patent leather flats! Yaaaaaay!

I couldn?t find the card i gave Her. I looked everywhere! Arrrrgh. She did love the flowers and later i gave Her the foot repair lotion from Bed Bath and Beyond. She always loves foot messages :)

Soon bear arrived. Things seemed a little awkward between T/them and i figured that he was being a bit toppy. I know its sometimes difficult to go between being the assertive one at work and then being the submissive but of course that?s part of what its all about.

Soon T/they warmed up to each other. Domina and bear and i drug out the futon mattress and put it back in front of the couch in front of the TV. Soon Domina and he were on it and watching TV. T/they watched a few episodes of the show Firefly and i went to my computer.

A little later i thought i?d join T/them and went down to the futon and W/we watched some more shows that Domina had recorded on the DVR. Although both were covered with a blanket i could see that She was playing with his cock and he was playing with Her breasts as well as Her pussy. Of course that always turns me on. Domina whispered over to me, ?Do you like watching Me playing with my boyfriend?? ?Oh yes Domina!? teehee.

Once in a while Domina played with my clitty. Soon bear got up to grill the trout that he brought. Domina went to prepare the red potatoes with olive oil and rosemary. Lately Domina and leopet have gotten into more healthy foods based on some Mediteranean recipes.

W/we had a nice dinner and watched more TV. Soon Domina and bear were playing more and both were naked. At one point Domina got on top of him and started riding his cock and She was playing with my clitty. She took my clitty and asked him if he wanted to suck on Her girl?s clit. he started begging. Soon he had his mouth on my clit and it felt so good. She knew i was close to cumming and took him off. i just watched for awhile. Soon he begged some more and started sucking again. Very soon i was to that point and i begged permission of Domina. She said yes. i really did explode and i was panting so hard afterwards. Domina then told me to go do the dishes. i went upstairs and started on the dishes but looked down every so often. Domina and he continued fucking and for the first time i saw him on top. That really does give a different cuckolding sensation to me.

Soon Domina told me to come down. Her boyfriend wanted to suck my clit some more. She told me, ?Remember, you are just a thing, a toy. This is for Me and my boyfriend?. i said, ?Yes Domina?. he sucked on me. i was so sensitive! i didn?t cum though i was so spent.

Domina told me to go back to the kitchen and i did. She and bear then went to go to bed. Domina told me that bear was going to sleep with Her. i could sleep on the floor at the foot of Her bed or sleep downstairs.

Earlier while i was doing the dishes i realized that i had lost my feminine watch that Domina had given me for Christmas. It just came to me as i was dipping my hands in the dishwater. i tried to trace it back to where i remembered taking it off. i went up to Domina?s bedroom and found the lights off and T/they were kissing. i told Her that i had lost my watch. Domina got up to go potty and helped me find it. i finally did find it on the dresser.

i went back downstairs and was on my computer for awhile. i then took my Dexter book and went down to the futon and read it for awhile then went to sleep.

i woke up really early and shut off an alarm clock that was going off. i then went back to sleep. When i woke up i found Titus curled up next to me and later went up to Domina?s bedroom. She invited me under the covers with Her and bear. She told me that leopet had come down and took a picture of me and titus. he showed it to me.. awwww teeehee!

Later in the morning bear left. The rest of the day was rest and relaxation teheee.



ritemate said...

Really a wonderful weekend! your Domina is so kind to give you another cummie already, and She is so clever to let bear give it to you. It must be a great reinforcement of your girlishness to always get your cummies with a male. Why did you choose to sleep on the futon and not at the foot of your Owner’s bed?

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi ritemate :)

It really was a good weekend!

Oh yes, Domina is so kind to me. That is interesting put like that. Domina has said that She is killing two birds with one stone between bear and i. It does seem to put me in a more feminine role which of course i love!

i think mostly to not wake Her. i was up a couple hours after T/they had gone to bed.