Friday, February 6, 2009

The end of a nice week Friday Feb 6 2009



The weather has been so nice to U/us this week. Its often been up in the 60s. i’ve enjoyed going out and about with and without a jacket. i regularly wear my “big girl bra” now with the forms and wear all girl denims and shirts and things. i wear dangly ear rings although i lost one of my butterfly ear rings Domina bought for me for Christmas :(

i have been brushing my hair back over my ears and use hair bands to keep it back. i love growing my hair longer and fashioning it more feminine. my hair comes down to my shoulders now. Just touching them. my bangs are getting a bit long but Domina and Her boyfriend likes it that way :) i ‘ve been using Covergirl makeup with Olay cream. i’ve been shaving exclusively with Suave hair conditioner which works so well for me. Sooo smooth! Since my skin has been so white i’ve been using a sunless tanning gel by L'Oreal.

It is always such a pleasant feeling when people refer to me with feminine pronouns out in public. i was shopping at Hen House the other day and thought i would get an espresso at the Starbucks counter. The guy there asked, “What would you like ma’am.” i replied with my feminine voice, “a double espresso please”. It felt so good, so nice.

A couple days ago my good friend from High School called me and we talked awhile and decided to meet for lunch yesterday. That morning when i showered i made sure all my eye makeup and dangly ear rings etc were off. i went wearing all drab girls clothes that were kind of unisex and spent lunch pretending i was a boy. i am sensitive to friends and family who do not know my feminine persona. He is quite conservative and its very hard to think of myself coming out to him. After i left though i put my danglies on, lipstick, and hair band. i was wearing a sports bra with forms but they didn’t show. i couldn’t wait to get home to put my big girl bra back on. Before i went home though i stopped at Sallys Beauty Supply and bought a bottle of Orly nail polish called ‘Pink Slip’. i got home and applied it. Both Domina and i love the color. A couple weekends ago Domina had me paint Her nails with a very dark red color by China Glaze that is still gleaming. She wants me to get Her a mauve by the same brand.

For the last couple days Domina has mentioned that She may go out to meet Her sub boyfriend bear at a hotel tomorrow. She wasn’t sure because She hasn’t rested very well during the week but this morning She said She was feeling great and that She is going out there to meet him today. he has been at a business meeting for a couple days. She feels like taking a road trip and of course being with Her boyfriend.

Before She left this morning Domina mentioned that She is thinking of drafting a ‘sissy contract’ for me. W/we have had a list of rules for me including my place in Her family, cuckolding, etc but this She thinks is more appropriate now and will include my rules for being Her housewife and sissygirl.

Domina bought a blue crystal butterfly and put it on my belly button ring. The butterfly is my symbol and i think it looks pretty. She also bought a string with several pink butterflies that i now have hanging in my office. i love it!

i had been reading about breast enlargement and some sources talk about over the counter herbs such as saw palmetto, red clover, fennel, flax seed, etc containing similar hormones to estrogen but are of plant variety and saw palmetto has anti-androgen properties. Domina is allowing me to try herbs. i started with the saw palmetto. W/we’ll see if they will do anything for me. i think it would be wonderful to have some cleavage. Actual female hormones are out right now.

What a week!



ritemate said...

Don’t you long for a world without prejudice, where you can be yourself without fear and need for disguise?
Can you comment as to why actual female hormones are out, but herbs with estrogen an anti-androgen properties are in?

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi ritemate!
oh yes. Wouldn't that be wonderful. To be oneself without having to worry.
Mostly the concern is about health. The herbal way is supposed to be pretty safe.


ritemate said...

While I respect your standpoint, my own point of view is that the risks are proportional to the benefits whether you take actual estrogens or herbs. If you want a significant cleavage and not just pre-teen buds, you’ll have to eat a lot of herbs, and then you get the side effects of estrogens as well.
On the other hand, the herbs may prove positive to your girlie mindset, and there is no hurry. If you’re satisfied with the herbs, that’s fine, if not the actual estrogens won’t disappear from the market.
Last but not least, you should follow your Mistress’ decisions.

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi ritemate,

i agree. i think for me its a kind of step by step evolving thing for me. W/we'll see where it all goes :)

It is true about girlie mindsets and especially what my Mistress wants :)

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

i think you should be dropped of at the bingo hall in your housewifes outfit on and a beehive wig and head scarf on whilst your mistress entertains her lover then ring him to come and pick you up when its over

Anonymous said...

when your dominas lover comes over you greet him with a kiss with your hands on your hips then he puts you in a nannies outfit and flat shoes so you look nice and small then he drives you to his house to babysit his kids then he slap you across your face and tells you to get on with it while he looks after your domina

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phantom60 said...

--it's difficult for me to suppose that you were actually born with male appendage...'cause you are one extraordinarily fine-ass woman! --wonderful photo-collection

Anonymous said...

Hi, This is my 2nd comment on your site. My wife has been feminizing me for a few years. She had a Lady doctor friend that she got me to see. They started me on some hormones that I did not realize would make me change and want to be a girl. Then another lady doctor start me on something else that has clinched it. I was not aware at the time but am so much happier now. I just wish My wife was more dominating and would find some men friends. I have not had sex with her in so long and miss her not having a man. She has total control but is happy just treating me like a girl in bed and controlling our everyday life.

I guess to be truthful I also wish she would find some men who would want me also.