Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday, Feb 22 2009

Here we are at the end of a weekend. Its been pretty nice although a bit chilly.

It was fairly tough on Domina. She and bear had some disagreements and things weren't so warm between T/them Saturday. Domina took a rest and spent the day mostly reading Her novel with Her phone and computer turned off.

This morning W/we were woken up with bear at Her bedroom door. he came in with a latte for Her. he said that he had tried to reach Her last night and wrote. Domina then asked me to leave Her bedroom so T/they could talk privately. i said, "Yes Domina" and left the room.

i was still waking up and went down for coffee and oatmeal. i got on my computer for a couple hours and played my guitar too. Soon i heard bear leave Her bedroom and go to the upstairs bathroom. i went upstairs to see if Domina needed anything. She told me that he apologized profusely and its going to be ok. She didn't need anything yet.

bear returned to the bedroom and W/we all talked. W/we may be planning to go to a midwestern BDSM event soon and Domina wants to take bear, leopet and myself. She was talking about how She plans to outfit us all. She asked if my leather pants might fit him. i brought it and a leather harness Domina had made for me. bear tried the pants on and they looked great on him. They had been a gift from a sub girl i knew some years back. i told Domina that and She said that bear could have it since i am a girl and men wear pants like those. i agreed. Domina said that She will outfit me in skirts and fetish and girlie outfits for the event. yaaay!

bear left and Domina said that She and i may meet a new sub male. After O/our showers She got a call from him about meeting at a local restraunt. i got myself pretty and shaved my legs and W/we left. i was wearing my black big girl bra with forms, pink polka dot cami, girls jeans and my feminine blue sweatshirt. W/we arrived at the restraunt and soon found him. i got some lunch and Domina drank Her ice tea. This sub was interested in doing housework and receiving humiliation. W/we talked awhile and then he begged to see the playroom. Domina was planning on doing some shopping but agreed to show him. W/we all went home and Domina introduced him to leopet. The sub then brought Her ice tea and fell to his knees and offered it to Her. She then took him up to the playroom for awhile.

i got on my computer for awhile and played some more guitar. After about 1/2 hour T/they came back downstairs and he left. Domina and i then left. W/we went to a thrift store and found a denim skirt with pleats, some cool girls tie die tank tops, a butterfly shirt, a couple nice wine glasses and some things for Domina.

W/we left and went to the Goodwill store. W/we were looking for some flats for me but didn't see any there. W/we shopped through the store and found some things for the house. i went to lingerie and found a couple cute g string panties from Nordstroms. As W/we were checking out Domina saw a pair of pink ballet slippers that might fit me. They didn't but i did find a pair of flats that did! yaaaaay! W/we got them for $4.98 in perfect condition.

W/we returned home and i washed all O/our new treasures. Domina started on Her kitchen project and i was on the computer for awhile. i also re-painted my nails with Orly's 'Pink Slip'. Domina prefers that color on me. Soon Domina started cooking a salmon and i started some precooked baby back ribs. W/we had dinner and watched some of the Academy Awards. i sat on the futon mattress at Domina's feet. She started playing with my hair and braided some of it. It felt so nice! i can't wait until it is over my shoulders :)

At about 8pm Domina went to bed. i followed and plugged in Her phone in the charger, filled the humidifier and kissed Her goodnight.

Here i am back at the computer. It turned out to be a pretty nice weekend after all :)



Miss Honey said...

Sounds like a great weekend, and wonderful that you had such luck shopping.

sissy slave jamie said...

Thank You Miss Honey, it really was wonderful! Now i have flats i can wear. i am also breaking in the ones Domina bought for Valentine's Day too.

ritemate said...

You must be happy to be allowed to wear skirts for a whole weekend! No doubt you will look cute in a skirt and the butterfly shirt. Domina is right; it wouldn’t be appropriate for you to wear leather pants and pretend to be a man. You should be content with being such a lovely girl.

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi ritemate :)
Oh yes, i think its wonderful. i do love wearing skirts. i think the butterfly shirt is nothing but feminine in the style its in.

i agree, it is certainly not appropriate to try to make myself to be a man. your right, i should be and am content with being Her girl :)

awww thank you!