Saturday, February 28, 2009

Today Feb 28 2009

This morning i woke up wearing my pink teddy. Since yesterday evening i've been wearing my fuchsia big girl bra. Domina said Her boyfriend bear was coming over this afternoon although W/we received several inches of snow.

leopet has been working on my car. he replaced a tie rod and is now working on the brakes. he was feeling a bit grumpy because of some trouble there and difficulty finding some tools. he went out and got the tools he needed and stopped by a Taco Bueno to pick U/us up some tacos.

Domina is making a Mediterranean soup and asked leopet to pick up some veggies for the soup. i thought the amount of veggies were meager after Domina showed me what he brought. She told me to bring down Her laptop.i brought it down and saw that the surge protector i bought for Her laptop was missing from the living room again and retrieved it from the garage and left a power strip there. Domina told me to stop bitching about things. i didn't think i was but to Her i was.

bear arrived and Domina and he kissed. W/we were all down stairs in front of the tv and Domina was showing him some canes She would like to get. W/we were talking about toys and i brought up about tens units. She didn't think O/our little one put out much. i brought it down and W/we played with it a bit.

A little while later Domina went back into the kitchen and bear said he might want to make margaritas later so he went out to get some tequila and mix. he came back and Domina told me that She and he were going up to Her bedroom to fuck. i asked if i could watch and She said no. She told me that later maybe when W/we all play. For now its Her and him reconnecting since he has been away on a business trip.

Domina and he went upstairs to Her bedroom and closed the door. While going up he said maybe he might fuck me. Domina said i had such a sour look on my face. i said that i wasn't sure if i am ready yet. She said i was.. teeehee we'll see. Its inevitable. i am a girl and being one i should be fucked like one.argh! teehee

Now T/they are upstairs and i can hear the sounds from here in the office. i think mostly Domina is playing with him. Wow! i feel so turned on and i feel like a femmed and cuckolded sissygirl!

What a day so far!


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