Sunday, March 1, 2009

Today Feb 28 2009 Part 2

Domina came down from Her bedroom wearing only Her robe and bear followed after. Domina started making a Mediterranean soup and French bread and went down to the futon in front of the TV and read from Her laptop. While T/they were up in Her room i had made my blog entry and sent Her an email, "
Wow. You and bear are up in Your bedroom fucking and playing. Your sissy girl cuckold downstairs in her pleated denim skirt and 'don't look back' shirt. i just wrote in my blog about today so far. i do feel like such a feminine sissygirl. You seem so powerful and so above me Domina. i feel so much smaller and weaker to You!
i love You Domina!
Your sissygirl"

i went up to Her room and brushed my hair and noted that Her bed had the top sheet and comforter pulled to the floor. i went back down and asked if She wanted me to make Her bed. She looked at me sternly and said yes. i went back upstairs and i heard Her read my email to Her to bear. i made Her bed and returned downstairs.

i joined Her on the futon and asked Her if She wanted to watch a movie. Domina told me that She wanted to watch "When Dreams May Come". i found it and put it on. Out of the blue i asked Domina when i develop breasts would She want to play with them. She said, "Of course, i'm bi i like to play with tits too."bear soon joined U/us.

While watching the movie Domina was holding hands with bear or playing with his man cock. She was holding Her glass of wine with Her right hand between U/us. Once in awhile She would touch my hand but wasn't touching my clit. Dinner was finally ready and She told me to get Her a bowl of soup and bread. i went up and got Her dinner and brought it to Her and curtsied. i went up and got mine too.

W/we continued watching the movie and finished dinner. leopet came in and asked me to take the car for a spin. we left and went to the store and got him some beer then took the car on the highway. he did a great job. The car drove great!

we returned home and was watching tv. Domina started playing with my clit and bear and Her was making out. Kissing deeply and french kissing. i was watching them and was so turned on! After awhile of watching T/them i told Domina that i needed to cum. It was so hard to turn back. i started cumming and stopped. Domina slapped my sissy balls and told me to clean up. i did and lay back on the futon watching T/them. It was so hot watching T/them in such passion. She then told him to come around and T/they were going to play with me. Domina got on his cock and started riding him while he was sucking me. i told Domina that the last few times i had cum it had been at the hand of men. She then said something like, "Yes, you can't have sex with females anymore but men." i don't know if She really meant that or that She said it to turn me on but then i came so hard and intensely. (edit: i clarified this this morning and She said "no, you will have sex with whom i tell you too. I might want you to be a slut..") he rolled over and started fucking Domina. T/they were doing it in several positions. It was so wild! bear noted that i was still hard. Domina said, "Yes, she stays hard for awhile". She then told me to get up there and i moved so he could suck my clit some more. he did but i grew soft.

Domina then said T/they were going to bed. i asked where i was going to sleep and She said either at the foot of Her bed or downstairs or crowded in bed with T/them. i told Her i would sleep downstairs since before bear had left Her bed because it was crowded.

i filled up the humidifier and closed Her door and went downstairs.

i was on my computer for a few hours and went down to the futon at about 1am. i started having those feelings of angst when thoughts passed through my mind about how passionate T/they were and my place and things. i slept well though.

i woke up with a bit of a headache and Titus O/our dog was playing his strange game where he will hide a ball or object under a blanket and then pull the blanket around to get it. i went upstairs and had some alka seltzer, coffee, all my herbs, and cereal.

Soon i went upstairs to see if Domina wanted coffee or cereal. i entered Her room and She and bear greeted me. W/we talked awhile and She told me to put Her coffee in a regular cup and warm it up. bear had gone out to McDonald's early and got Her coffee. i went downstairs and did just that and returned to Her and curtsied. i asked Her if i was Her girl. Domina said, "Of course you are my girl. Are you feeling insecure? How would bear look wearing a skirt and things? Yes you are my girl." i thanked Her and then gathered dirty clothes together and started a load.

i was on my computer for awhile and thought i would check if Domina wanted more coffee since i just brewed a pot. i went up to Her room and entered. Domina and bear had been talking in bed. She then talked about me knocking on Her door when T/they were alone. She then explained that W/we spend a lot of time together but time with bear is not so often. i asked Her if She wanted me to knock from now on and She said yes. She told me that i have no choice. i will let T/them have private time together. That She appreciates that i don't pout. She handed me the newspaper and i closed Her door and went down to the office and looked through the paper for makeup and other cosmetics.

i am feeling more and more femmed. i think its interesting that i got this new shirt that say, "Don't look back". Its what Domina has said several times in relation to the fact that i am a girl now and that i am a cuckold. Pandora's Box is opened. It will not close. The ship has sailed. i asked Domina yesterday if She enjoyed cuckolding me. She said, "Oh yes!"

Right now T/they are playing in Her bedroom. i can hear those sounds of passion. my clitty is so hard!



ritemate said...

What a nice weekend! You’re such a good girl to post more often, as all your posts are interesting and sometimes really hot. You’re lucky to get cummies so often, but are you disappointed that you didn’t get fucked? Would that have been a first for you?
Do you feel less girlish when you’ve just had a cummie, or are you happy wearing girl’s clothes and makeup even then?

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi ritemate!
you are so right! It was a nice weekend :) Thank you, i appreciate the feedback.

i know, i so appreciate that Domina has let me get cummies as often as i do. i don't know if i was disappointed. One day i'm sure i will be. Yes, it will be my first time.
hmmm not immediately but after a little while i do feel less girly but i always love wearing girl's clothes and makeup :)
i so love becoming more and more fem :)
Thanks again!


Anonymous said...

I caught up on your blog jamie. What a post this one is... Isn't it wonderful that in recent times you have only been allowed to cum for men? And of course, Domina was wise to make it clear to you that She decides who and when and where you have sex. But, I for one, did notice that lately you are relying more and more on men to get your pleasure. Whether you are watching them cuckold you or you are having sex with them - you do rely on men - don't you?

About your sissy cucky angst... angst is what a sissy cucky feels when she is vulnerable. It's your vulnerability that you are feeling... With your advanced stage of femming and Domina's enjoyment of a real man, your position in the relationship is cemented. You are a sissified cucky gurl to the core now and your condition excites you - doesn't it? Scares you and excites you at the same time...

There is no going back jamie. What may have started as play is now your destiny. There simply isn't any male left in you - you thrive on your femming and cucking - you are a sissy cucky gurl for keeps. Good for you!

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D!
Thank You Ma'am. i know lots of things have been happening.
Yes it is. Sometimes i worry about that lack of intimacy with Domina but She is happy and i am too.
It is something that occurred to me that lately i have only been allowed to cum for men.
So true. Domina is in complete control!
Yes Ma'am, lately i have been relying on men.

Yes Ma'am. It does make me feel vulnerable. That is quite a sobering fact Ma'am. i am a sissified cucky gurl to the core now and it is always exciting. So scary sometimes.

Yes Ma'am. No going back. Domina often refers to that. It is good that i am more and more femmed. maleness has no place in me. Domina prefers me as Her sissy cucky girly girl.

Thank You Ma'am!