Saturday, March 21, 2009

Is it already Friday? Friday March 20 2009

Whew! How this week has flown! Its been beautiful here. Domina and leopet has been working on the garden a lot. T/they built a couple raised beds last year and this year are putting in a lattice fence around it to keep the critters out

Last weekend was a bit of an emotional weekend. i had working out of town on a short project much of the week so it was nice being home and being all girl.

That Sunday morning bear looked like he was getting ready to leave to go home. Domina looked like She was down. Soon i saw Her and bear down on the futon holding each other. Domina was talking to him and i couldn't hear what She was saying. T/they were there for quite awhile.

Soon Domina came by my office and told me that She and bear were going up to Her bedroom and T/they were not to be disturbed. i said, "Yes Domina"

T/they went upstairs and were up there awhile. After about 1/2 an hour i heard "jamie!". i jumped up from my chair and ran upstairs. i opened Her bedroom door and saw T/them naked in bed together. Both had smiles on T/their faces. Domina said that bear wanted to, "chuck" me. teeehee each of U/us seems to have our own fetishes. bear doesn't really understand mine too well but as Domina has said he sees me as a girl and loves sucking teehee.

i said yes Domina. She told me to pull the desk chair to the end of Her bed and sit.

i sat and watched. T/they started making out and bear made comments like, "mmmm She has a sweet pussy". "What beautiful breasts", etc. i watched with a grin on my face not saying anything.

Soon Domina told me to come over. Her boyfriend wanted to suck. "you are just a thing, a tool" he started sucking my clit. yummmy!

After a bit Domina told me to get some lube and to play with my clitty. Domina had talked about me playing with myself while watching them have sex. i told Her that i thought that would reinforce that i get off on T/them fuck and make out. She nodded to that.

i was playing with my clitty. She told me to come closer. i was touching myself so light. i could cum at any time.

Domina commented how hard i was and that maybe She might want to ride that thing. Soon Domina had me lay on my back. Domina got on me and started up and down. It felt so good. It felt a bit strange too. It was so weird that it almost seemed taboo. Almost like i was cucking Her boyfriend. Also felt a bit strange that She was fucking with me. It had been so long. Domina soon commented how long i was lasting this time. "Don't you like it girlie girl? i said oh yes Domina!!" Soon She said, "he does it better than you" i then started cumming so hard! i was screaming and pulsing.

Soon Domina got off and went to bear. She told me She was through with me and to leave the room.

i left and went back downstairs.

Soon bear left. What a day!



mommasboy said...

A good sissy slave would have cleaned her mistress with her tongue after cumming in her.

Does your mistress allow you that privilege?
Are you ever asked to clean her or bear after they have sex?

ritemate said...

The First principle, to rule out all other principles, should be that Domina decides and you obey. Still, it must’ve felt strange to be made to fuck Her like a man. Why do you think She made you do it? Was it part of the anniversary celebrations? Spur of the moment? Or does She want keep you mostly feminine but also partly male? Did She worry about your function as a male now that you’re taking herbal medicines? Or did She just want to show both you and bear who’s the Boss?

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi mommasboy!

The way it has worked for U/us is that i might suggest something and Domina hears it and usually makes it Her own in Her own way if She is interested. i have mentioned this a couple times. She hasn't expressed interest.

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi riteman,
Sorry about the delay on my answer. i have been out of town with Domina and Her boys for an event.
i really don't know why She wanted to fuck my clitty. i am gracious that She did. It felt so good and wonderful that She wanted to use me like that. It was Her perogative. It did feel strange since its been a long time and lately She has given me relief through Her boyfriend.