Saturday, March 7, 2009

Is it Spring? teehee! Mar 7 2009

This week has been really glorious. The previous week snowed. This week has been so spring-like!

It looks like i am finally going to get some work. i have a two day gig next week doing some computer support. Yesterday morning i had to go to the staffing agencies office for training and paperwork. Domina told me to try to pretend to be a boy for it. i put my hair back in a pony tail. i wore no makeup and no ear rings. The only male article of clothing i wore were my socks however. i took care of the meeting and went for drug screening. Next week i'm doing this two day job.

Last night Domina wanted steaks and potatoes for dinner. W/we already had the rib-eyes and i asked leopet to get the baked potatoes. i rubbed the steak seasoning on two of the steaks for leopet and myself and left Domina's naked. She always like Hers very rare too.

While i was making dinner i noticed leopet sitting next to my Queen on the couch pretty close and caressing. he has been a lot more touchy feely lately.

Domina did not have a nap in the afternoon like She usually does and didn't feel too well. She said the food was great though.

i put Domina to bed and watched the movie, "The Day the Earth Stood Still". It was the new one and i thought it was pretty good.

Today W/we work up at around 9am. Domina wanted cereal with strawberries and blueberries and coffee. i went downstairs and made them for Her and had cereal and coffee myself. i then took a shower and got pretty. i wore my multi colored hoody shirt, girls jeans, girl socks and tennis shoes. A couple days ago i picked up Covergirl face makeup/compacts for Domina and myself. i applied that. W/we both love how it smooths O/our faces. i put on eyeliner and mascara and then my pink lip color. W/we left and went down to the farmer's market and shopped there and then the Chinese/Asian grocery store. While walking around in there i was thinking if they might think of myself as a ladyboy. hmmmm. W/we got some fresh fish and i got some Liptovan. Its a vitamin drink i loved when i used to live in Hawaii.

W/we left and came home. i brought the things in and then W/we left again to go to the thrift store. W/we were looking for a swimsuit for me for when W/we go to an upcoming fetish weekend event. i picked up a couple pair of pretty panties and thong. Domina got a nightie.

While W/we were out Domina mentioned that next weekend is Her and bear's six month anniversary. T/they are planning on staying the night at a bed and breakfast near here. i think times where She and bear go out of town and overnighters mostly touch on my cuckold angst. i said, "my Mistress Wife and Her boyfriend spending the night alone together.." i asked (of course knowing the answer already) "Are Y/you going to have sex with Your boyfriend?" She said, "Yes, lots of it". i said, " Yes Domina".

my goodness. Domina does know me so well. She knows how to push my buttons. She knows how cuckolding turns me on. How it affects my sissy clitty. She told me yesterday that mostly She loves cuckolding because of the pleasure She has with bear and as a side effect it cuckolds me. i thought cuckolding involved all of it really.

Now Domina and leopet are at Home Depot gathering lattice and other material for the Spring gardens.

A nice weekend so far!



Karen Singer said...

Hi Jamie,

It seems you know a lot about computers. Since finding jobs is so difficult, why don't you work free-lance for yourself. Advertise a bit about what you can do and wait for the calls to come in. I know from experience that there's a lot of people out there who need help and don't know where to turn. I'm a programmer myself, and I still wind up fixing more computers than I'd like. Just an idea.


sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Karen,

Thank you! That is a great idea. W/we had thought about it. i guess my energies were going toward getting a more or less steady job like i had before. When i met Domina i was giving Her the security She was looking for with a steady paycheck but i got laid off. Since then i have received so many calls from staffing agencies with so many possibilities but so far nothing has panned out.
i do have this gig next week. The same agency is working on another possibility so W/we'll see.
Thank you for your help!


ritemate said...

Congratulations to your gig. Maybe it isn’t so bad to pretend to be a boy once in a while; it might just make you appreciate returning to your true girlie self all the more. Glad to hear that Domina’s cucking you is such a turn on for you, as keeping Domina and bear happy probably is the best chance for you to get another cummie. Maybe you’ll even get properly fucked like a girlie should be fucked; wouldn’t that be a great addition to the anniversary celebrations?
Best wishes

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi ritemate!
Thank you so much! i was quite lucky to get it since i haven't worked for so long. So far its been quite intense but its working out. i have one more day at it tomorrow.
So true. On the way back from my stay about 300 miles away i stopped at a Quick Trip and got gas and changed in the bathroom to my big girl black bra with forms, my pink cami, female shirt, girls jeans and my girls tennis shoes. In the car i put on my dangly ear rings, face makeup and lipstick. i put on a hair band and brushed my hair back over my ears. girlie!
Getting home was really great and i was so welcome.
Yes it is. It has always been a turn on after i discovered what cuckolding is about.
Yes, i keep T/them happy as i can. It would be nice to have one soon :)
i'm sure one day i will start being fucked as a girl should be. teeeheee! i know :)

Anonymous said...

jamie... it's silly for you to think Domina screws real men just so you can be a cucky. Of course She screws them because She enjoys it - what a silly sissy you are. And with you responding so well to your femming - She has needs that only they can take care of - you aren't expected or needed for that anymore. That ship has sailed.

But on the positive side - since you do crave your femming and cucking - you should be quite content with things this way. It excites you doesn't it? I mean after all, Domina is your Wife/Mistress but She only screws real men - your purpose is to be pretty and watch and leak and dribble in your panties and take care of Her other needs so She can spend more time with the men.

About your job - I am happy for you sweety. I know - it'll be hard pretending to be male but as soon as you get off work you can let the facade slip away and be your gurly self once again. But don't let your duties at home slip just because you have a job now. Be a very good little sissy cucky - it's what you are - it's what you have to be.

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D,

You are right. Domina has alluded to that as well a few times but i guess it hasn't really hit me until recently. i must have been off in some other planet when the phrase "Its not about you..." was coined. i really hadn't heard it until i first met Domina. This is another situation where i think it applies. i originally approached Her about cuckolding with a few things in mind as i remember it. One that it might bring some excitement into O/our marriage beyond the Mistress/slave situation. Two That Domina would be able to experience poly relationships since She had stated a few times that She was poly. And three that it might deepen my submission to Her. i guess from there and until She started cucking me for real i was thinking about the effects of cuckolding to me and not so much about Her. Now i understand that it is really about Her and Her pleasures with bear and other men and the a kind of after affect cuckolding me.

It really does show how silly i am in it all. It is about Domina and Her pleasures. Not mine. She enjoys screwing real men and i definitely am not a man at all. i do love and crave femming. As W/we watch tv, and movies, etc i find myself not imagining myself as the male anymore but the females. i take more notice about new makeup and lotions etc. As in sex im thinking more in how i might serve to pleasure men. i asked Domina last night if She would be turned on to see me kissing men and She said yes. The same for being fucked by real men.

It is all so exciting. Domina mentioned the other day that She may have me play with my clitty while She is fucking Her boyfriend. i think it would further associate pleasure with watching. im not sure.

Thank You Ma'am. It was only a week long. It was quite intense and pretending to be a male was difficult too. It is so nice to be home again and wearing my bras 24/7.

im not letting my duties slip. i am primarily Domina's care taker and Her sissy cucky. Yes, it is what i have to be!

Thank You again Ma'am!