Saturday, March 14, 2009

Beautiful Saturday! March 14 2009

Last week i worked! i worked for a short term project for most of last week. It kinda came out of nowhere. Domina was sure happy. It was refreshing to me. The only thing.. i had to pretend i was a boy. It went well though. At times it was pretty rigorous jumping around from computer to computer but it went well. It had some travelling involved too. i was away for a couple nights. leopet took care of things for Domina.

i was up last night til about 1am polishing my toenails pink and watching an old Bruce Lee movie on the computer. About an hour before i went to bed i discovered that the server was having issues and ended up having to do some file system repair. i went up to bed and found Domina still awake. As i was laying down She said, "your coming to bed pretty late. Watch out i will kick you out of bed at 10" i asked if Her boyfriend was coming in the morning. She said yes. i continued and She said She wasn't playing. It was too late. i went to sleep soundly.

This morning i woke up feeling quite run down. Domina woke me up with a kiss and told me to get Her coffee and cereal. i went down stairs really feeling worn out and got Her breakfast. i then went back downstairs for awhile. i came back up and asked if i could take a shower. She said yes. i went in the bathroom. Plucked my eyebrows. Brushed my teeth. Washed my hair with Infusium Colorologie. Rinsed with the hair color rinse. Used a generic brand of Caress's silky vanilla essence body wash and shaved my face and legs with Silk gel.

Domina came in saying She was going to take a shower. i had had the shower low and more cool than hot. i got out and She got in. While i was applying Secret Rose scented anti-persperant, using Q-tips on the ears and applying Colorgirl eyeliner and Loreal mascara Domina said the hot water was running out. i explained that i turned it down and all but it didn't matter. i had dried my hair and used Silk Drops on it to take out the tangles and give it a sheen.

i put on a pair of girls jeans, my fuchsia big girl bra, a lavender cami and my new multi-color blouse.

By then bear showed up. he was laying in Domina's bed as i was de-tangling my butterfly necklace and putting on my ankle socks. i grabbed some laundry and got it going. i had shut Domina's bedroom door and knocked to see if there was any more laundry. She said i couldn't come in.

i went down and was on my computer for awhile. i was drinking lots of coffee and trying to get my energy back. i received a call from a temp job i had applied for. i went upstairs and asked Domina for permission to come in. She said yes. i then asked if She wanted me to take it and She said of course. She was laying there naked and talking to bear. i asked, "Domina are You playing with his man cock?" She said, " Yes, and soon i am going to suck and fuck his cock." i said, "Yes Domina. i better get back on the phone." i told the guy yes and he explained the job and all. i go for training next month. While i was talking on the phone i could hear bear screaming up stairs.

Soon Domina and bear came down. T/they left to go celebrate T/their six month anniversary together. Domina said T/they were going shopping and out to dinner.

Soon i left the house and went to Target for my meds and some cold remedy. Next i visited a GNC looking for Red Clover. They were out of it and the lady there asked what it was for. i told Her phyto-estrogens. She then asked me if i had heard of their female mixtures. She showed me one. i told her i was taking the basic herbs. She called around for me.

Next i stopped at a grocery store and then a health food store where i got the red clover. i went to a drug store too. i returned home.

i had some chicken soup and then took a nap.

i woke up and was up for awhile when Domina and bear came home. Soon W/we were in front of the tv watching 'Reaper'. i always ask Domina where She wants me when i come down to the living room. Usually its at Her feet. This time She had Her two boys on each side of Her and me laying on my back between Her legs. While W/we were watching She was playing with bear's and leopet's man cocks and smooching with bear every once in awhile.

Soon leopet said he was going to bed. Domina said She was going to take a nap so Her and bear is on the futon napping.

i did the dishes and put away some laundry and here i am. Domina said that She was too tired to play tonight. Maybe tomorrow :) teeehee!



ritemate said...

You lucky girl!
Another job so soon! Is it sheer luck, or do you think taking phytoestrogens have made you more hireable? Then a nice episode of cuckolding, and on top of that your counter has been reset. Seems you got involved in the anniversary too!

sissy slave jamie said...

teeheee! i don't know! Actually there was one short project for a couple days M&F and the same one in another town. i was gone a couple days.
i do feel better with the herbs :) Domina thinks i am growing :)
hehehe yes. It was quite a weekend. i will write soon!