Thursday, February 26, 2009

Some things... Feb 26 2009

This morning Domina called in sick for a bad migraine headache. i was going to need to drive Her back to work during Her morning break since my car is down right now for repairs. leopet has been working the tie rods and brakes.

Since She didn't go to work i didn't need to take Her there. i had showered, shaved my legs and put on my makeup. i then left the house for an appointment with my shrink. The visit was for a follow-up for my prescription of Wellbutrin which has been working very well for me. i told her things were good now and my wanting to develop breasts. She nodded and said things look like there working out.

Domina wanted me to get food for dinner and a few other things. i stopped first at Target and refilled a prescription and then to Super Walmart for the rest. Domina wanted me to pick up strawberries but all of them in the produce section were very dark red. i went to a man who was stocking the area and asked him about them. He turned around and asked, "Yes ma'am, how may I help you?" That always gives me a wonderful feeling inside. i explained about the berries and he said he knew. They had come from a different source. He had some brighter red ones on his cart which i took.

i got home and found Domina talking on the phone with bear. She said She was going to try sleeping some more. i went down and got on my computer for awhile. Domina came down while leopet was having lunch at the dinner table. She went down and lay on the futon and watched an episode of Lost. i went upstairs and took a nap.

Later Domina came up stairs and got on Her computer. i woke up when She received a call from bear. he has been out at a meeting all week and was going to drive in. She was almost ecstatic.

i went downstairs and made some ice tea and did the dishes. i replaced a string on my guitar that became unwound. bear arrived. we went upstairs and Domina just left the bathroom. She went up and kissed him and kissed him again. W/we all talked a little bit and then Domina told me to say hi to bear and leave the bedroom. She wanted some private time with bear. i said "Yes Domina" and left. i went downstairs and here i am at the computer.

It has been awhile since i've had a 'cummy'. i sure am feeling the effects. i am not allowed to play with my clit since Domina owns it and it is Her play thing. She has chosen not to put me in a chastity device for now although She has said that She plans to one day.

Domina and i haven't had sex for awhile now but has with bear. Its an observation and enforces my femming and being a cuckold of course. i think its interesting that the last few times i have cum has been by a man, Domina's submissive boyfriend.

i feel increasingly feminine and girly which i love and which Domina prefers. i am taking the herbs saw palmetto, fenugreek, and red clover which is supposed to contain phytoestrogens as well as EstoPause and flax seeds. i massage my breasts too daily. i do hope that they develop. W/we'll see. Hormones and implants just aren't in the cards right now.

One thing that comes up from time to time i feel makes for that cuckold angst is that Domina is planning to go with bear on some of his adventures. She has accompanied him a couple times to an area in the middle of Missouri for over nighters but T/they have talked about going out to Colorado, or Arkansas for a few days. It is a bit tough thinking that i wouldn't accompany Her especially since i love areas like that and would love to have memories of U/us exploring beautiful spots like that but lo i am Her sissy cuckold. With me not working and bringing money in its just not possible right now. She told me anyway, i wouldn't want to break a nail lol. W/we are all planning on attending a BDSM weekend event soon where She will take all of us. What fun!

i am growing my hair out and can't wait until its over my shoulders. i fashion it either in a pony tail or down to my shoulders like Domina prefers with a hair band. i routinely use Covergirl face powder after showers and shave my legs every other day. i've been painting my nails pink or a shade called Jetstream by China Glaze. Its a darker mauve type color. i use darker pinks for lipstick or lip color.

Today after my nap i brushed my hair back and freshened my lipstick. Domina told me to get Her some ice tea. i brought it to Her on my knees. She told me i was really pretty. She said that i have come a long way in putting makeup on. Domina said i reminded Her of some of the movie star pictures where paparazzi gets their faces without makeup and with makeup when She sees me in the morning then later after i put on the makeup. i really glowed and said, "Thank You Domina" :)

i have been wearing my black "big girl bra" almost always. i went and took a test for a temp job yesterday and put my hair in a pony tail and wore a sports bra with forms. W/we'll see how that pans out.

Tonight i am cooking Chinese for dinner. Domina is planning on having bear spend the night. leopet covered the new plants Domina planted yesterday in the garden because the temperature is supposed to drop. he is going to continue working on my car too.

i am wearing one of my silky pjs right now and feeling pretty good :)



ritemate said...

You must be very proud to have reached another milestone on your road to complete girlishness, being complimented on your makeup. It must be tough for you when Domina and bear go away without you, but as Domina only allows you cummies by bear nowadays you must do everything to make them happy. So no pouting!
You certainly take a lot of herbs, have you noticed any tension or swelling in your breasts yet?

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi ritemate!

Oh yes it feels good to hear that from Domina. It is Domina who taught me how to apply makeup in the first place :)

i think there are at least a couple stages of angst there. Hearing Her talking about going with him to whereever and when T/they actually go. It is probably one of the more difficult things for me. That is good advice. i should do everything i can to make T/them both happy. i don't know if im pouting per se but i will work on it.

i haven't felt any yet. Part of the regimen is massage and i've been doing that daily.
Thank you so much!