Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday January 13 2009

Last weekend went really well. It was a kid-less weekend so i was all girl. Even when he is around Domina reminds me privately, "you and I know what you are, don't W/we?"

bear, Domina's submissive boyfriend was going to come over on Friday but he had work commitments. Domina told me that he was coming over Saturday morning and T/they were going out to some garden spot in Missouri to look at things for the garden this year.

That morning Domina and i was up earlier and She got Herself so pretty to go. bear arrived and T/they left after She told me that Her boyfriend was taking Her out.

Through the morning and into the afternoon i was working on my new Dolphin based D/s Discussion site at http://bimpie.no-ip.com/discuss and found it quite the challenge. The board features several things i never had in a board including audio video chat, as well as several other things and each presented their own challenges. But its fun! teeehee!

Later in the afternoon, Domina and bear arrived. She told me that She was feeling 'out of sorts' and i hoped that there wasn't a fight or something. i asked Domina if i could go out and about since i hadn't been out of the house that day and had some errands to run such as picking up my medication as well as Hers. She said it was ok and that She and bear were going back out to find some silver chain for his collar.

i left all girly with my hair brushed back over my ears. my hair now is down my neck in a classic curl :) i think i look more feminine now. i went to Target for the prescription and shopped a bit. i then came home because Domina didn't want me out too long.

i found Domina, bear and leopet down in the living room. W/we had moved the futon from the floor in front of the couch to behind the love seat because Domina wanted room for the Wii Fit thing. Lately Domina has been sitting on the couch while watching TV and eating dinner and She has preferred me on the floor by Her feet. At this time leopet was sitting on the floor surfing the net on his laptop and Domina and bear were sitting on the floor leaned up against the couch. bear had the blanket She made for him around him and She was playing with his man cock.

i went to my computer and continued working on my Ds Discuss site and after awhile i heard Domina talking loudly to bear and saw Her leading him upstairs for a scene. After awhile She called, 'jamie!' and told me to come upstairs. i found bear naked on his knees in the playroom. Domina told me to put on my purple teddy that i had worn the night before and come in and light the candles.

i already had my black bra on with the forms (which i wear all the time now), my black lacy panties and the purple teddy. i went in and lit the candles. Domina was commanding bear to stay kneeling and said, "Doesn't my girl look pretty?" and other things. Soon She told me to go to the cross where She cuffed my wrists above my head and then ties my ankles to the lower O-rings.

Domina then went to bear and cuffed his wrists together. he really doesn't like bondage. She had him come over to me and told him to lick up and down my legs. i had never felt that before and it was so exquisite! She then told him to suck on my clit which he did enthusiastically. It felt so good! It had been over 30 days since i last came and i was so sensitive! After seeing him pull back then back on Domina told me to cum in his mouth. he kept sucking so well and finally it came. It felt so intense i screamed to the top of my lungs. Afterwards i felt so weak and my throat really started hurting.

Domina took me off the cross and told me to sit on the floor and watch. She and bear started making out and then with him laying on his back on the floor Domina got on and road. She was riding faster and faster. Then She got off and started making out some more. Domina told me to clean off Her boyfriend. i went to his cock and licked and sucked. She then got on some more. It was so wild watching my Mistress Wife and Her boyfriend fucking! he then started begging to suck on my clit and She told me to move over to him. he started sucking some more and finally came. By then i was really hoarse and Domina told me to take a throat lozenge.

Domina and bear stayed in the playroom for awhile and then came out. i could smell the smoke from the extinguished candles. bear left and Domina, leopet and i went to a local buffet for dinner. i wore my plum blouse with flowers on it, jeans, girls tennis shoes and my black big girl bra with the forms still. i felt i acted like a girl friend to Domina and leopet that evening.

What a weekend!


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Anonymous said...

What a very hot post. i do enjoy reading about your life and often wonder if i could be as brave as you to live in a poly relationship.