Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday, January 19 2009

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Today so far Domina came home from work and W/we left to go shopping at the thrift store. Today was family day with 75% off all clothes. i found several things; a few lady’s pj tops and bottoms, a couple teddy's one pin and the other green and a pretty bra that holds breast forms in fuchsia. i love it! Domina found me a pair of jeans and some casual wear for Herself.

W/we came home and then i left to go to Sally’s Beauty supply where i picked up some hair color. This time a Ferreira brand light golden blonde.

Last weekend was so very nice. It was very low key. bear had stayed over Friday night. W/we all had watched several tv shows and a couple movies. Domina was very tired and bear said he was going to sleep on the couch. Domina told him he wasn’t and later explained to me that i got to sleep with Her most nights and since Her boyfriend was here She wanted to sleep with him. Before W/we all slept in Her bed together but Domina said that it was too crowded and She wanted quality sleep with him.

i was on my computer for awhile and then went down to the living room and lay on the floor. i woke up feeling cold although i had a thick comforter over me. i moved to the couch where i slept warmer. Later i heard bear talking and i guessed that he was going out for coffee. i woke up around 7 and got my coffee and fruit bars. bear came back home and we talked awhile. he then went up with Domina. i played on my computer awhile and then went upstairs to see if anything was going on. i entered Her bedroom and saw that T/they were playing. She had Her cane out and was striking him with it. he left and then She hit me a couple times with it. It was a sharp sensation but nice. Later, Domina told me that early in the morning bear came down and was stroking my legs. i sure couldn’t remember that! teeehee!

Later in the day Domina and i went shopping. W/we went to Michaels and then Joann's where W/we picked up some walleys for O/our night stands. i picked up some with some antique looking fairies and butterflies. my symbol is the butterfly. Domina has an animal name for each of Her subs/slaves. bear is bear of course. leopet’s the puppy.

W/we came home and i cooked oven fried chicken with a recipe i found using corn flakes. It worked wonderfully!. W/we watched some tv and then Domina went to bed. Sunday Domina worked on the night stands. i worked on the Ds Discussion site ( and was experimenting with a media server. i ended up getting my old tv card to work with Vista with the help of a few forums.

One thing that i have had trouble with lately is keeping my hair behind my ears. Domina preferred my growing hair fashioned that way and i like it since it looks more feminine. i asked Domina about it and She suggested hair bands. So now i am using hair bands over my head. Today was my first time out with them. i think i look even more feminine with them :)


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