Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday January 16 2009


i woke up this morning and found that it had been snowing. The yard outside was all white. i got on my computer and surfed and worked on my new Ds Discussion site (

Domina came home for Her usual 8:00am lunch break and was having allergy attacks from work. She took some antihistamine and left for work.

i did some laundry and then took a shower. i shaved my legs yesterday so i didn’t today. i put on my eyeliner, mascara, my new blossom lipstick and some lip inflator. i wore girls jeans, a cami, my black big girl bra and a purple sweatshirt.

Early in the afternoon Domina came home from work and told me to go to the store and pick up the ingredients for Her home made chicken noodle soup. She said bear was staying the night.

i went to the local Hyvee and picked up some of the vegetables but was unable to find soup stock or the bread W/we like there. i did enjoy a double espresso from the Starbucks satellite there.

i then went to Price Chopper where i found the rest of the ingredients and then came home.

i had picked up some cookie mix and made chocolate chip cookies.

i was working on my computer some more when bear arrived. he came in and Domina came down from Her nap. She had such a happy smile on Her face :)

Domina put together Her soup and soon joined bear down in the living room.

i was working on putting together a PVR namely Knoppmythtv on a computer i haven’t used for awhile and got to a point where i could get away from that. i found Domina and bear sitting on the floor in front of the couch in front of the tv under a couple blankets. i could see Her hand under his playing with his man cock.

i soon came down and joined T/them. leopet was there too on his laptop.

Domina soon told me to dish out some of Her soup to let it cool. W/we were watching the first episode of “The United States of Tara” and W/we enjoyed it. The series is about a Mother and wife with multiple personalities who changes them as she needs them.

Domina stroked and played with my hair for awhile. It felt so nice. i am so glad that She wants me to grow it out and fashion it in a feminine way. i asked Her if i could get a hair band or something to help keep it over my ears. She said that W/we will get some and that its quite feminine.

i could see that Domina and bear were getting a bit Randy as She twisted around with Her head on his chest. She put Her legs over mine.

W/we then watched an episode of ‘The Mentalist’. i was enjoying a can of Twisted Tea, a malt beverage i thought sounded interesting. Domina was having Her wine, and bear had his beer.

W/we then watched an episode of ‘Lost in Space’ from a set of DVDs Domina won at O/our family Christmas get together.

Soon Domina said She was going to bed. bear said he was sleeping on the couch but Domina said no, you are sleeping with me. i followed Domina to Her bedroom to make sure Her bed was clear and that She had all She needed. Domina told me that i will sleep downstairs on the couch or the floor or i could sleep at the foot of Her bed. i would not sleep in Her bed because She wanted to sleep comfortably with Her boyfriend. She was tired and so was he from a business trip. i told Her, “Yes Domina. i understand”. She said She doesn’t see Her boyfriend as much and i will get to sleep with Her tomorrow. i said, “Yes Domina.”

bear came upstairs and was a bit surprised to find that i was sleeping downstairs but the door closed and i was outside.

i came downstairs and did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen.

i then went into the office and attempted to get knoppmythtv to work but it was no luck. Maybe tomorrow.

Now i am going to surf awhile. Maybe watch an episode of Dexter and then go to sleep on the couch.


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mommasboy said...

I agree with your Mistress that you should grow your hair out. Are you a natural blonde?