Saturday, January 24, 2009

Laid back Saturday, January 24 2009

Pink Polka Dot

Its been pretty cool here (23 degrees F) for the last couple days. Yesterday, after Domina and leopet came home from work bear arrived to take U/us out to eat. he came in and went up to Domina who was in Her bedroom. i was working on my Ds Discussion site and was on it awhile when i thought to go up and look in on Domina to see if She needed anything. When i entered Her bedroom i saw bear laying on Her bed and leopet was talking with T/them. Soon leopet left the room and then Domina asked me to leave the room to give Her and bear some private time together. i said, “Yes Domina” and left the room. i went back downstairs and continued on the site.

After about 1/2 an hour Domina and bear came down and She, bear and i left to go out to eat at a local Chinese Buffet. leopet stayed home because he was still full from lunch. i was wearing a loose fitting sweatshirt over my ‘big girl bra’ and cami, female jeans and shoes. my hair is always fashioned in a feminine style over my ears with a hair band over my head. Domina and bear sat across from me at a table. i had Mongolian stir fry, Domina had king crab and bear had lots of hot mustard over all he ate lol.

i felt quite like a girl sitting there across from T/them. Domina and bear looked like quite the couple. i then thought, “If someone asked who i was, what was i to say”.

W/we finished O/our meal and got up and left. bear got in his SUV and left to go home. i was in Domina’s car. W/we talked about it all the way home. i told Her that i felt like a girl sitting where i was and She and bear looked like a couple. She said She felt like T/they were on a date. i then asked Her in situations like that if someone was to ask who i was what should i tell them. Domina said that it wasn’t any of their business but She has been telling people that bear is Her husband and i am Her wife. i told Her that was wild. She then asked what i felt about PDA (public display of affection). i said that it was ok. She said ok, She was just concerned about my feelings.

W/we got home and watched a little TV and then Domina went to bed. i stayed up awhile then i went to bed.Christmas26 BoxerDay 021

i got up this morning with Domina and brought Her up coffee and an apple with peanut butter. i then went downstairs and worked on the site. Soon, leopet went upstairs and i could hear T/them talking. Soon i couldn’t hear them too well and i went up to see if i could get Her anything and to use the bathroom. leopet was in Her bed and when i entered Her bedroom Domina said She was playing with Her pet. She then told me when i left the room to close the door which i did.

Later leopet came down and asked if i wanted to join them to go to Walmart. i said yes and went upstairs to take a shower. Domina was naked on the bed and She looked like She had some fun. i asked Her and She oh yes.

i took my shower and got all pretty. W/we left and shopped at Walmart. W/we picked up some Covergirl makeup that Ellen DeGeneres as been advertising as well as food for the weekend. W/we went to get some burgers then came home.

Domina told me that tomorrow bear is coming over to watch the Super bowl and that i was probably going to need to take Her son out shopping to let T/them play. Little Mistress is going to play.

Today Domina left to go over to Her footslave’s place for some foot worship and i nice bubble bath.

Domina has been telling me that my next tattoo is going to be a butterfly. She has chosen the butterfly for me as my animal. leopet’s is the maverick, bear is the bear. i asked Her why the butterfly. She told me that She thinks of me developing thinking i was a boy to being a girl like the caterpillar metamorphing into a butterfly. Also that they flit and float gracefully and are delicate. i can’t wait for the tat. It will be in the lower center of my back.

What a weekend so far!



ritemate said...

It’s obvious that your “girlification” is progressing nicely. Now bear is established publicly as Domina’s husband, and the next step will certainly be PDA. What do you think will come after that? It seems that one of the biggest obstacles to your becoming a total gurl is the pretence that you’re a man in front of Her son – do you think that will change? And then there’s work – is it possible that you will get a job as a girl?

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi ritemate,

Yes it is. i think its so good to be true to one's nature. Both Domina and i feel that i am a girl and am Her girl. i think its interesting how things evolve. Like a living thing. i sure don't know where it will take U/us.
i'm sorry, this being an adult blog and all it does make U/us uncomfortable to talk about Her children. he is not involved in any adult scenes, play etc.
i surely don't know where i will find work. i have worked more in male roles but now i find it hard to try to pretend i am a male and especially to switch back and forth.
Thanks for your comments :)

mommasboy said...

you should get this tattoo:

ritemate said...

Sorry to make Y/you uncomfortable, I totally agree that our children must never be involved in our games. I only meant that your journey might take you to a place where your being a girl is not a game anymore, but indeed your true nature. Then it’s an open question whether this should be hidden to anyone. But you’re quite right; this has nothing to do with children.

sissy slave jamie said...

teeehee thank you mamasboy :)


sissy slave jamie said...

i appreciate it ritemate.

Time will surely tell. i know Domina has applied the "Once you open Pandora's box" and "The ship has sailed" phrases to both cuckolding as well as my journey into feminization :)