Monday, December 22, 2008

C-c-c-old! 22 Dec 2008

Four degrees Fahrenheit! sooo cold outside! Well, it is December teehee!

W/we finally got all the Christmas lights up on the house. leopet worked on that last weekend and asked me to hook up the music thing that controls the lights outside. So nice :)

Saturday, Domina's ex came for Her boy to take up to Chicago to spend the holidays with him this time. She said this is Her first kidless Christmas for 31 years. wow! W/we had gift exchange for him that morning. He was really happy!.

As soon as he left i asked Domina if She wanted me to put my "Big girl bra" on. She said, put it on! teehee. All girl holiday!

As W/we went to bed Saturday night it was so very cold in the house. Domina and i used three comforters. When W/we woke up Sunday morning i got out of bed feeling even colder. i went down to the office and put on the space heater and stayed in there for awhile. i then went down to check out the furnace and noted that it wasn't burning. It is a gas one with electronic ignition instead of a pilot light. After working with it for awhile it finally started again. W/we saw the temperature on the thermostat climb from the lowest 50 degrees to 75 yaaay!

Sunday Domina, leopet and i went out shopping for a few things at Kohls, Michaels, Target and Borders. W/we had lunch at Taco Bueno.

W/we got home and lounged around. Domina shopped on the Internet and ended up buying a set of urethral sounds, an anal plug set and a vibrator. She wants to try the sounds and soon wants to get into electrical play.

Domina got some email from bear, Her boyfriend telling Her he fell on the ice. he sent some pictures showing his face bruised, ouch!

Later Sunday Domina and i got dressed up - Her in a dress, and me in a suit. W/we were going to Her company Christmas party. The other day She told me about the party and i asked Her who was going with Her. She said bear, leopet or i could go then last week She told me i was going. When i asked, 'i am?" She said that being married to Her i should have some privilege. She told me that i was going to have to be a boy there although a lot of people She works with knows about O/our lifestyle but a lot doesn't. She didn't want me to put my hair back in a pony tail but just to brush it behind my ears.

W/we arrived at the community center and went in. Domina and i greeted the few people W/we knew and exchanged those knowingly looks :) W/we sat down and had a good time having dinner and got a few gifts and then left at the end.

On the way back Domina said that i made a pretty boy there and She was proud having me there with Her. She told me that She sees me as Her wife, bear as Her husband and leopet well, as Her dog.

When W/we got home W/we took some pictures and noted how much nicer it was being home with the heat working. Domina told me to get girly so i put on my big girl bra and lipstick. When i put Domina to bed She said that was better, She preferred me with my tits and lipstick :)

i went downstairs and watched an episode of Dexter and then went to bed.

What a nice weekend!


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