Monday, November 17, 2008

Here i am 9:08pm Nov 17 2008

i took a concern i felt strongly about to my Mistress/Wife. Its not the first time i have done this. i did not intend for it to be a lengthy discussion or an argument. i felt that She did not see the importance of it as i did being a safety issue.

She did finally state that She was going to have leopet correct the problem. At that point i tried to understand how i could better bring future matters to Her without them becoming arguments. i felt that that would avoid future heartbreaks, arguments, whatever. That in itself became worse and worse. How can i let it go! i hate arguments. All i want is a harmonious and safe home where i can serve as a sissy girl to my Mistress!

i was waiting for leopet to come home to help me carry this heavy work bench he made yesterday and i finished and painted today into my office. he just didn't come home. Domina said that the fight made him not want to come home. i went out myself and "man handled" the workbench into the office. i went upstairs and Domina was telling me how i was affecting everything! i went downstairs and tried to call my therapist for help. While i was leaving a message with her answering service Domina came down and took Her son and left.

i then called Domina's submissive girlfriend who has been such help to U/us.

It is really so hard. i really saw Domina as the authority figure in the house but She just isn't into dealing with problems like that. i guess it doesn't work that way here. i thought the way to take care of problems that involved others were to take them to the person in question or to the authority figure but i was wrong. i probably should have either not tried to handle the saw myself or search for the guides.

Domina and Her son finally did come home probably from having dinner somewhere and with paranoia thinking She may have told him future plans.

leopet came home too without saying anything.

Domina's sub girlfriend repeated a few times that i should think about what i need out of a relationship.

Scary stuff for me.

sissy girl

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