Tuesday, November 11, 2008

sissy girl's updates Nov 11th 2008

Last Saturday Domina and i went out and about shopping. W/we went to Joanns, Hobby Lobby and Walmart. W/we got home and Her sub boyfriend soon came. he brought some beer and steaks. Domina and he were laying on the futon in front of the TV for awhile watching shows. Domina then told us to put on the steaks so we did. During dinner i sat next to Domina eating my steak while W/we watched the new DVD W/we got, "Get Smart". i thought it was pretty good. bear, Her boyfriend has had insomina lately and looking over at him i saw he was dozing on the couch. Domina was dozing too sitting next to me. Soon he came over and told me he was going down to the basement bedroom to go to bed. After awhile Domina woke up and asked where he was. i told Her. She went down to him and was there for awhile. i went down there to see if W/we were all going to play because She had planned on that. i saw T/they were playing there in the dark on the bed. Domina told me to go put on something pretty and that T/they were going to come up to play when the movie was over.

The movie ended and Domina and Her boyfriend came up. i looked over and saw he was naked laying on the futon. Domina told me to put on a Femdom DVD. W/we were watching it and soon She was playing with him stroking his man cock. i came over and She got on top riding him. That is always so hot watching my Mistress Wife and real men playing. Soon She told him that he was going to suck my clit. She told me to sit on his chest and he took it and started sucking. i couldn't see Her but knew She was having fun with his cock. Suddenly i felt my clit getting ready to cum but i pulled out and grabbed it almost crying. i soon realized i had a bit of a ruined orgasm. Very soon after Her boyfriend came in Her. She then laid down and told me to get a washcloth. i did and She cleaned Herself off as well as Her boyfriend.

Domina then told me i had the choice of sleeping at the foot of Her bed or down there on the futon. i chose the futon because i usually take naps there. Domina and he then went up to Her bedroom for the night. i got on my computer for awhile and then went to bed on the futon. i was so tired at that time that i went right to sleep but woke up at about 3:30am with crazy thoughts going through my mind. Thoughts about what is exclusive in O/our relationship now that Domina is sleeping with someone else. Thoughts about Her wanting to take trips with him on some of his adventures, etc. i certainly had some of those pangs of angst that cuckolded husbands do have.

i went back to sleep and woke up at about 9am and went upstairs. Her boyfriend had left and went to McDonalds for coffee and had returned. i went up to Domina's bedroom and found Her awake. She asked me how i slept and i told Her while i was using the bathroom. i soon came to Her bed and W/we talked about it all while She was playing with my clit. She told me that She sees me as an important part of Her family but cannot call me a husband because i am not a man. Husbands are men. She sees me more like a girlfriend or wife. She told me that She has come to enjoy cuckolding. She also said that She feels its right for Her to share adventures with Her boyfriend. Why not take opportunities like that? She does see O/our day to day relationship as exclusive to U/us. i left Her bed feeling a good peace.

The rest of the day i felt so tired. It was great sleeping in Domina's bed again that evening.

Today i met Domina at a local Starbucks where She was meeting a friend of a friend who wanted to learn about how to talk dirty in sex. i was introduced as jamie, Domina's husband. A transexual. T/they talked awhile and soon Domina told me She wanted to talk to her privately so i was dismissed. i then went to the local Salvation Army store and did some clothes shopping. Soon Domina joined me and W/we picked out alot of pretty clothes together. Afterwards i went to the grocery store and picked up tonights dinner.

sissy girl

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