Sunday, June 15, 2008


Today i was up around 7am and got on the computer for awhile. i went back to sleep for awhile and woke up with Domina. leopet made some turkey bacon and eggs. They were pretty good. i hoped to hear from the guy from Craigslist but i called him after he emailed Domina. He was going to stop by. i worked on a ceiling fan and needed some expert trouble shooting so i took it to Home Depot. Before leaving for there i touched up my eyeliner and mascara and went over there. we found the problems, i bought some things for it and came home finding a note on the door. The guy from Craigslist came and went. Domina was in the shower and hadn't heard. grrr.

i kept my composure. Domina left to pick up Her 28 year old son. i fixed the ceiling fan.

Her son is in the lifestyle. She told him about me. All is well.

Domina made a wonderful pot pie W/we all had for dinner in front of the tv. Domina and leopet were under the comforter and i knew She was playing with his cock. sweet torment for me. i truly ache for Her touch. More and more i hope that Domina goes further with leopet. Its so exciting when She does. Later She did caress me a bit. It was wonderful. i know its not the same as under the covers but so nice nonetheless.

Domina picked my new nail polish tonight. A light pink She feels is more feminine. i like it. i need to do my toes in the morning. i carry my purse where ever i go now. Its hard to believe i ever put those things in my pockets before. It just works so well carrying my purse. i love being a girl. More and more i feel more a girl when i'm out and about.

Tomorrow i need to clean up around the house. The playroom is getting closer and closer to being finished. At some point Domina plans on saran wrapping me. i love it. Maybe i'll witness some hot stuff between Her and leopet. i only hope!

sissy girl


Anonymous said...

jamie looks so cute in her nighty - the perfect little wife - cute breasts too. Very femme and yet very much a cucky! The longer the counter goes without resetting, the more jamie craves to be cuckied and kept chaste and gurly... See what Domina has done to you jamie? Your previous pretense of being male is almost nonexistent. You are far too gurly now to go back. There is only one path for you now - to be a good sissy gurly cucky.

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

Thank You Miss D! Domina calls me Her housewife. i love my breasts! It is wonderful to feel and see them there.
Yes Ma'am
oh yes Ma'am, that is for sure, deeper and deeper.
yes Ma'am, it is wonderful to be a girl, boy things are so boring to me. i love being a girl.
Yes Ma'am, i want to be the best sissy gurly cucky i can be for Domina

sissy girl