Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday - playroom

Today i wasn't feeling too well. i felt a bit lethargic. i woke up wearing my breast forms and my bra. i always love that. Its a kind of a nice reminder who and what i am, a sissy cucky slave girl. i waited for a couple guys to come in response to a couple things W/we put on Craigslist. One guy showed up and the other guy W/we just learned forgot.

After my second nap, i took my shower and made myself pretty with my new crystal dangly ear rings, eye liner, mascara and lipstick. i put on my new girls jean shorts and a cami and my new Lady's sandals and denim purse then went on errands to Home Depot, QT, the grocery store and Kmart. Some of it was for the new play room and some was for my new denim purse. i got a pink hairbrush and comb set. i find my hair gets a bit unruly when i'm driving around in Domina's car. i love my new purse. It does help me feel more girly as i carry it around slung over my shoulder. It is so convenient having all my things like my wallet, keys, cell phone, etc in it rather than hunting it all down each time i go out. Its so much better too than having all the things jutting through my pockets.

i got home and found Domina inside on Her laptop and leopet working on the gate in the garden. i got on the computer for awhile and helped Domina as She yelled orders to me. W/we hope to have the playroom all done tomorrow. Earlier today i mounted the St Andrews cross on the wall and mounted a rack on the ceiling for all Domina's floggers, paddles, crops, etc. i told Domina that i felt like putting something more comfortable. She told me to put on a nighty so i put on a pink nighty. i love it with my bra :)

W/we three then watched a Dr Who episode and had a good time.

i was asked who normally sleeps with Domina. i do. Domina likes cuddling with me. Thats Her preference. Of course i love to and its a privilege to share Domina's bed.

sissy girl


Anonymous said...

jamie, you do look quite gurly in your nighty - very femme.

I like the new counter - I wonder how many days will pass before it gets reset. Does jamie mind that everyone knows that she is kept chaste for such long periods? I'm sure it must be quite the torment watching Domina play with leopet after such a long period. A torment you love - don't you jamie?

I'm glad you enjoy your new handbag sweety.

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D,

Thank You Ma'am. i thought so too. i love looking pretty and gurly :)

Yes Miss D. i don't know either. In the past i've wondered how long but here its right in front of me. i'm not sure how i feel about others knowing that Domina keeps me chaste but it lets me know how much control Domina has over me. i don't dare play with myself because my clitty is not mine to play with.
It is tormenting and frustrates me but i find it erotic as well.
Oh yes Ma'am, its wierd but i do love it.
Thank You Ma'am :) It just seems so right to carry a purse!

sissy girl