Saturday, June 7, 2008


In the morning i got up at about 8 and got coffee for Domina. W/we all got up and went out and about to yard sales. i picked up a pair of partial hoop black ear rings. W/we got several other misc things.

Later in the day, Domina and i readied O/ourselves for a wedding W/we were attending. i had to take my nail polish off my finger nails but i didn't have to cut them. i had told Domina earlier that i couldn't wait until the wedding was over to get girly again. While i was dressing, She asked me if i was wearing a cami under my shirt. i told Her no. She told me to take the shirt off and put a cami under it then take the shirt off after the ceremony. i told Her i was taking my new pink lipstick too.

W/we went and had a good time there and left without going to the reception. W/we had work to do at home readying the play room. As soon as i got to the car i took my shirt off and put on my lipstick. i think i am addicted to lipstick and eyeliner and such. i love it! W/we stopped at taco bell and came home.

W/we cleaned up the old bedroom and painted the walls. i can't wait to put fingernail polish back on my nails. They just don't seem right without polish.

Domina plans on playing sometimes Sunday, i think wrapping me up in saran wrap, probably having me dress all feminine and Her playing with and fucking with leopet. Next weekend i'm pretty sure She is having Her occasional sub, the farmer over to play with.

i am so excited!

sissy girl


Anonymous said...

well jamie, it seems to Me, your femming is taking hold. You would rather be a gurl anyway - wouldn't you? Gurls don't have to use their tiny little thingys - they can just leak and dribble away in their panties. Isn't that what jamie does? Especially, when she is reminded how much of a sissy cucky she is... Be sure to thank Domina everyday for your femming and cucking jamie... And do remember your pretty lipstick, jamie - no one can mistake you for a male if you are lipsticked and carrying a purse! Maybe you should get used to applying your mascara every morning too.

I'm curious though - do you match your lipstick and pretty panties?

jamie is such a femmed sissy cucky!

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D!

Yes it does. i feel more and more girly each day and love the enforcement that i am. oh yes, i would rather be a gurl. i'm just not cut out to be a man. Real men are strong and masculine, assertive etc. i'm just not those things.
That is true, my little clitty isn't of use there and does leak and dribble sometimes in my panties. It is so sensitive, When Domina does play with it it feels so good! About a year ago when W/we were all playing Domina told me that boys have dicks and girls have clits. She fucks dicks and plays with clits. jamie is certainly not a boy and i will play with jamie only if she knows her place.
That is such a good idea Miss D :)
Oh yes Miss D, its really hard to forget my lipstick, i love wearing it so much. i haven't been carrying a purse except when dressed fully Female, Domina had mentioned about getting me a messenger bag for that.
oh yes Miss D. i have been applying mascara along with eyeliner for a couple weeks now.
hmmm not always Miss D, sometimes i've worn black panties or blue ones, i usually wear the lipstick Domina likes on me thats usually a reddish pink.
ohhh thank You Miss D, i so love being a femmed sissy cucky :)

sissy girl