Friday, June 20, 2008

Nice day :)

Mistress got off work early so She, Her oldest son and i had lunch at Panera Bread. i was wearing my newest light blue sweater like cami with my calf high denims, Lady's sandals, lipstick and my crystal ear rings. W/we had a nice lunch and proceeded to the theatre. W/we went to see the new Indiana Jones Movie and had a great time. Afterwards W/we went to Walmart and got some ingredients for spaghetti. i got a new nail polish from Sally Hansen called Pink Saphire there. Mistress said She liked it.

W/we came home and Mistress left immediately to return a couple DVDs and checked out Jumper. i put on my bra with forms and my happy bunny short shorts. W/we had dinner and watched the movie. i took off the old polish and then painted my nails with the new polish. i think they look kind of like chrome out of the light and pink in the light.

Mistress said W/we will play in the new play room sometime this weekend. yaaay!

sissy girl

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