Sunday, June 22, 2008

Last night's play

Yesterday, Mistress worked in the playroom hanging shelves and final stuff. She told me that W/we were going to play at 9pm. Just before i dressed down to my bra with forms, a red thong panty and hi heels. i touched up my makeup and went in. leopet was naked and hard laying on the massage table. Domina came in wearing Her new body cincher and skirt.

Mistress tied leopet to the table and chained my wrists to the wall. She played with leopet for awhile varying different instruments like a small flogger and the new tens unit. She got up and rode leopet a little bit but the massage table didn't seem to work too well for that.

Awhile later, Mistress had me stand up and take the heels off. She used industrial strength saran wrap and wrapped me quite tight from my ankles to my neck and then laid me down on the floor. She then put a blindfold on me telling me that i didn't need to see anything.

i then heard Mistress and leopet playing. i heard kissing and heavy breathing. They got off the table and onto the chair. i'm pretty sure that Mistress was fucking him with the strap on on the chair. T/they then moved to the bedroom telling him to not trip over the log on the floor (me teehee). i heard T/them from the playroom. The bed was squeaking. All kinds of things were going through my head.

After quite awhile after the music on the laptop ended Mistress came in and said that i was a good girl staying quiet. She then cut out the saran wrap at my clitty and rode me until i came in short time. It felt so good! yummmy!

Mistress then cut me out and told me to clean up the playroom. She wants the playroom ready for anytime She wants to use it.

The playroom is born!

sissy girl

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