Thursday, June 12, 2008

A nice rainy day, stormy evening

Today i got up and spent some time on the computer. i took the ceiling fan down from the ceiling in the new play room. i cut a 2x4 and painted it black. It will serve as the support for the St Andrews cross in the play room. Later i took a short nap and then took a shower. i put my eyeliner, mascara and lipstick on. Domina didn't like the darker red lipstick. She prefers pinks and reds on me. my eyebrows are looking feminine.

i put on my new girls sandals and went to Super Walmart for some shopping. i picked up the ingredients for chili, some pretty crystal dangly ear rings i have on now, some Covergirl powder makeup i got with a coupon and some other things. i then went to Borders and browsed the magazines with a double espresso and triple chocolate cookie, yummm!. Then i came home.

Some guy was supposed to show up to pick up our ceiling fan so i had to take off my bra with forms. When it looked like he wasn't coming Domina said i could put it back on. i love my bra with the forms. Looking down its wonderful seeing them there and looking in the mirror i think i look prettier. The guy called and said his wife was in O/our part of town but she was coming home due to the incoming storm. W/we all relaxed in front of the tv watching the weather reports and watching Hell's Kitchen on Domina's laptop. Domina started playing with my clitty. It felt so good. She then told leopet and i to take off our pants. She then played with his cock and my clitty. Domina mentioned that leopet is hairy around his cock and balls and i am smooth. She likes Her boy hairy and masculine and me Her girl shaven and smooth. She likes the differences. After awhile Domina noticed my clitty wasn't getting very hard and stopped playing with it telling me if i can't keep it hard She won't play with it. i really wished it stayed hard and yearned for more play especially seeing that She was playing with leopet.

After the show was over Domina told me to take Her computer upstairs and make Her bed. i went upstairs and straightened Her bed and turned down the sheets and comforter as She likes. i put the laptop on Her bed and plugged it in. i then went to the laundry room and switched the clothes to the drier. i walked downstairs and saw that Domina and leopet were making out on the futon. i went down and sat on the floor watching T/them. my clitty got so hard and i watched T/them with a serious look on my face. It is so exciting to me. Domina was stroking leopet's cock and T/they were locked in a deep kiss. A little while later Domina starting sucking him. ahh i was feeling hot and my clitty was throbbing. i thought T/they were going to fuck but She broke it off and said She had to go to bed. Wakeup is so early!

i followed Domina up to make sure She needed anything. She told me to bring my clitty to Her. She stroked me for awhile and W/we talked a bit. i asked Her if She liked me talking like a girl. She told me that She prefers me as jamie talking like i do and being good.She then told me to leave Her alone because She loves to read before going to sleep.

The storm came in and left hopefully. It really looked bad on tv.

sissy girl


Anonymous said...

jamie - you are such a sissy cucky! When Domina was giving you attention, your clitty just couldn't respond... But when you watch Domina with leopet - that's a different thing - isn't it?

Do you see how Domina reinforces your gurly side? It's a good thing She has leopet to play with - otherwise, your clitty would never swell - would it? Just be glad it is allowed to swell at all... even tho you can't touch it, it still betrays you for what you are - a sissy gurly cucky.

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D,

Yes Ma'am, its true. blush.. thats true too, it just wouldn't get and stay hard for Her. She likes playing with hard cocks/clits. leopet's sure stayed hard a long time. Its true, it is exciting to me to watch T/them play together.

Yes Ma'am, it does reinforce things for me. Yes Ma'am, it might not.

Yes Ma'am, thank You for Your comments.

sissy girl