Sunday, June 1, 2008

KC Pride 2008

Yesterday the air conditioning guy came out to fix our ac. i had been doing my nails a bright pink called 'Pinkish" by Revlon and he arrived to fix it. i showed him what we knew and continued getting ready. Domina and leopet got back from shopping and W/we all got ready for the festival. i wore my calf high lady's jeans, chain belt, my bra with forms, pink camisole, put on my make up and wig. Domina gave me the Pride boa She knitted a couple years ago for a Pride festival W/we missed due to rain.

Then W/we started out

i had just bought some pretty strappy heels but it looked like W/we were going to walk a bit to get to the festival so i changed into my Mary Janes (Thank Goddess i did!). W/we got there and found so many people walking in and out of the area. W/we got in there and saw the big performance stage, food vendors, and the other vendors. i was really thirsty for a beer but it cost $5.00 for wrist band to enable you to pay $4.00 for a can of beer so Domina said no.

W/we went down the line of vendors and looked at various jewelry booths. Domina bought me a new belly button ring that is in the pride colors and says, "All families matter". W/we also got a couple car decals that say pretty much the same.

Moving along the line i had some nice conversations with some of the vendors and people. i received so many compliments on the Pride boa Domina knitted :)

Later down the line W/we found a leather crafter that had floggers, hoods, toys, etc. One thing W/we didn't have was a ball gag. Domina asked me which one W/we should get. i said the red one shows up better in photos (teeehee!). She laughed.

W/we made it to the vendors and W/we saw the big tent. With some of the signs outside i thought it might be a beer tent or for food or something. When W/we got closer i could see it was a kind of quilt memorial. W/we went inside and saw all the quilts in memory of people who has died of aids. It was quite solemn.

W/we continued through the festival and then left looking for a place to eat. W/we tried Chili's but after being seated didn't get any waitress or waiter and left. W/we went to Boston Market and got the same kind of attention so W/we left. W/we went to the grocery store and picked up raviolli and toretellini, marinara sauce and bread. It was fun walking around in my new strappy shoes. The heels are 4" and walking around the store was awesome. They do hurt a bit right now.

W/we left the store and Domina shot a little video of me walking through the parking lot. W/we got home and found that the ac quit working again. Domina was mad and told me to call the guy. i checked the outside ac and saw that it was frozen over. i called the guy and he thught it was over charged. He is coming out today to fix it.

Domina cooked the food. Domina told me to strip down to my panties and bra and W/we had a nice time watching Dr Who and having dinner :)

sissy girl

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