Wednesday, April 24, 2013


This morning Domina's boyfriend bear came over and loaded up T/their bicycles on Domina's new bike rack and took off for a three day biking trip. T/they have done this before and have always had a great time seeing the trail and staying at the hotels over night. Its great exercise too!

After T/they left, i thought i would color my hair. i had purchased a box of the Garnier oil based chestnut brown color a month or so ago and hadn't applied it since Domina asked me to use a root touchup and that worked well. Since then i had broken my elbow. The doctor wants me to work on range of motion and i have been regaining a lot of range since. i didn't have any problem applying it. i'm waiting for it to set now.

Afterward i plan on showering, wearing my hair down, putting on ear studs, lip color, eyeliner and mascara then go shopping. It'll be the first time out by myself for some time!



Happy pet said...

Go girl and glad to hear you are up and about and strutting your stuff.


sissyslavejamie said...

Thank you Happy pet! It sure feels getting back to myself! teehee!

Anonymous said...

What a pretty pic!! :)