Monday, December 7, 2009

Dec 7 2009

This weekend W/we worked on Christmas decorations. Domina put up the artificial tree Friday. Saturday bear came over and T/they worked on various other decorations including putting up garland.

Saturday Domina and bear went out of town together to a bed and breakfast and had fun in the casino as well as fun playing in the room. Its been awhile since T/they have had the chance to go out together and Domina said T/they had lots of fun :)

i went out shopping for a gift for Domina and an ornament for leopet at one of the local malls. It was so wild going by myself to a large and crowded mall en femme! It was lots of fun! Love being referred to as "she" and"her" etc :)

Sunday Domina and bear returned and W/we worked on the tree some by putting up the ornaments. leopet finished putting up the outside lights. Later Domina made up some spaghetti and W/we all enjoyed watching tv. bear on Domina's left and me on Her right. W/we watched an intense episode of "Dexter" wow! What a series!

Domina has been wanting O/out spare bedroom finished as a guest bedroom. Its finally finished! Last night i slept in it as Domina and bear slept together in Her bed.
i woke up this morning to temperatures in the low 20s and some light snow on the ground.


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