Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Today Jan 19 2011

Happy 2011!

Today i'm off from work. i work full time now. i usually take off on fridays and saturdays but i am covering for a coworker.

Yesterday Domina and i went looking for a new car. W/we took a Ford Fiesta and a Honda Fit for a ride. i think W/we both liked the Honda better. Domina's Kia has been down since August and although leopet has poured countless hours and effort in getting it up and going it still is leaking coolant. It will be great seeing Her in a new car!

After W/we went shopping i dropped Domina off and went shopping. Besides groceries i got some natural brown hair color. i got a couple Bees brand lip shimmer. Rhubarb for Domina and Watermelon for me. i love how they feel on my lips.

This morning i painted my toenails 'Everlasting Pink'.  i am now waiting for my hair to set with the hair color. i love looking and feeling pretty.

i'm soon to go out and do some more shopping. Domina said there will be a big snowfall coming!

Everyone is doing great! Domina, bear, leopet. Last weekend bear was here from Saturday to Monday morning. Of course i slept in the guest room.

i haven't had a cummy for a long time. i do get so excited when Domina reminds me of my place :)



Anonymous said...

Glad domina is doing well. Hope you get some cummies soon!

sissy slave jamie said...

Thank you!