Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday! 5/20/2011

i think Friday's are so sweet. Its nice to be able to sleep in since my weekend includes Friday and Saturday. i was on my computer for awhile and before i took my shower i massaged my breasts with my deep massager. So nice :). i took my shower and used an exfoliant body wash. i was planning on shaving my legs but just shaved my bikini line, clitty, and pits. i'll save my legs for tomorrow.

i went out shopping for awhile and picked up some things at Target. One of the things i was looking forward to using was some champaign colored lipstain. Tonight i haven't been able to find it. Domina and bear are up in bed together and i cannot disturb T/them for such a trivial thing.

bear came over after i returned from Target and W/we all had dinner together and watched some comedies i missed this week from working late a couple nights. At about 8:00pm Domina went to bed and bear soon followed. i am sleeping on the couch tonight. That is the norm now. 

i'm watching the third season of "X-Files". i never had watched it and am really into it!

Maybe tomorrow i will pick up more lip stain :)



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Hi jamie sissie girl! How are you? Your live sissie is public?