Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New years everyone! i wish you all a wonderful year to come!

Everything seems to evolve. Domina is not working outside Her house now. She loves to take care of it as well as having to have the freedom She has to do what She wants. bear doesn't work either and of course now T/they can see each other whenever T/they want. i work and i love my job. leopet works too.

Its been a long time since W/we have ventured out of the house to see what the local BDSM scene is doing. i used to be very involved with the group here but they have changed so much since five years ago.

i continue taking my herbs and massaging my breasts as well as using my cup set on them. i love having breasts although small :) Domina says i have breasts larger that some girls She has known.

i continue growing my hair and plucking my eyebrows. i haven't been wearing much makeup beyond eyeliner and mascara and lipstick on my days off. Such is the life of a sissy girl working in a male job teehee!

When bear is here he is always the man of the house. i've lost that place long ago.. Its his place in Domina's bed. When he isn't here Domina allows me to sleep with Her. 

Domina said She would like me to research chastity devices. She would like to have me in one. That was really an eye opener giggle.

Have a wonderful year!!



Happy pet said...

Happy new year Jamie to you and yours and hope that 2012 is a great one for you all. Love how your hair is looking, very jealous!


sissy slave jamie said...

Thank you and you too Happy pet!. i appreciate it! That picture actually is me in my wig. i have grown my natural hair much further out but thank you for the compliment!


Susan's Pet said...

You seem to be content with your position in an interesting household. I wonder, however, what enjoyement you gain from it. Is just getting by the end of the line for you? Normally, humans want to escalate the gain and reap more benefits.

Assuming that all is well, you may continue status quo. What happens when one or more of you can no longer maintain your status in this four-way relationship? Do you as a group or individuals have a plan?

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Susan's Pet,

i am content. i enjoy being Domina's girl. i enjoy having Her in control and living in this household. It is a day to day thing. i don't know what the future brings but i am content. :)