Saturday, June 8, 2013

Beautiful days!

i love spring! Domina has the garden looking so pretty. The koi pond is running and it is so nice going out and walking about the garden.

Yesterday i took my shower and shaved everything. i'm thinking about shaving more than once a week that i have been doing. i so love being so smooth and girly feeling! i put on my makeup, lipstick, eyeliner and mascara and tied my long hair into a pony tail with some clips in the back to keep the loose hair in place. i put on a pair of my ruby gold ear rings. i was going to wear my khaki capris but i found that they are really too big for me and doesn't take a belt so i put on a pair of my short shorts jeans. i put on my ladies button down short sleeve pink stripped shirt and then my strappy sandals. i left and went shopping. i picked up some sheer pink nail polish, some of my herbals like fenugreek as well as a few other things from Walmart and hurried home.

bear had come out earlier in the day and Domina and Her boyfriend had been out shopping. They picked up Chinese and brought it home for all of us. It was a nice dinner. 

We watched that zombie movie where the zombie turns back into a human because of the girl. i loved the movie!

Domina and bear went to bed and i got on my computer and watched the first episode of the third season of Damages with Glenn Close. i'm really enjoying that show!

Early this morning Domina and Her boyfriend bear left for a bed and breakfast out of town. i got up much later and surfed the web for sissy and cuckold sites. i plan on showering soon and getting femmed up and going out and about again :)

i love being a sissy cuckold!



Anonymous said...

It feels so good when I can shave!
Thanks for sharing your day, and the exciting weekend they will have. You, like me, will be surfing the sissy sites!
Hope they and you have a good weekend! You're such a cute sissy :)

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi sara,

Thank you for your comments! Domina and bear did have a nice weekend and are back now and bear has gone home. oh yes, i always love finding new ones and keeping up with ones i've found. awww blush! Thank you!


mk said...
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